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So bad it's good: Terrible Indian singer becomes internet sensation after video goes viral

An Indian singer has become an internet sensation after his terrible but hilarious song went viral.

Described by the melodious heartthrob as ‘a non-fictional, psychological and philosophical song written by me’, Vennu Mallesh’s It’s My Life What Ever I Wanna Do will surely fill dancefloors worldwide with lyrics like: ‘a friend of mine said I am a waste fellow / he don’t know the taste of this fellow.’ 99 more words


Limerick 11

I had to post two today because this is one of favorites and I can’t wait for it anymore! It’s a twofer, although the second one leaves a bit to be desired. 51 more words


Mattius Penman | Sunset Dreams

BMA‘s actor Mattius Penman has created an improvised sitcom along with Lydia Hourihan and Chris Wickett called Sunset Dreams. “Ben (Penman) and Barbara (Hourihan) have just seven days to pull together the most ambitious version of The Lion King South Kettering has ever seen.” 10 more words


OMG! Cows Are Exploding!!

If I had a hat on I’d tip it to the folks at Chipotle. Not content to give us burritos, tacos and more, they’re now branching out into the entertainment world and creating original content. 39 more words


As many of you may have picked up from my many post about it, I am currently studying Japanese as a second language.

I recently posted on facebook information about a drama I just finished. 166 more words