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Training: Hill Repeats (14 x 150 metres) with 6k Warm Down

Rain, rain go away, come again another day! That’s all I’ll say about the soaking, lashing, constant downpour that enveloped the entirety of this session… 204 more words


Different Kind of Day Today


Today is a bit of an odd day–I’m spent my morning sleeping and working out–why you ask? Well, I have a networking dinner I have to attend this evening for work.  172 more words


Training Log 2014, 11/17-11/23

11/17 a.m 8k 越野 | p.m 13.4k 起伏馬路 (4:33/k) 11/18 a.m 8k 越野 | p.m 16k 起伏馬路 (4:27/k) 11/19 a.m 4.5k, 3.2k 上坡馬路 x2 (慢跑3.2k) 425 more words
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Training: 600 Metre Repeats with Hills

A great session last night involving multiple laps of a 600 metre road circuit at varying efforts. The entire session, including warmup, was 10k.

We began with a 1.5k easy paced jog at around 9m/miles to ease into the session, including dynamic stretching towards the end of the warm up. 80 more words


Training Log 2014, 10/13-10/19

10/13 a.m 13.5k 越野 | p.m 8k 越野 10/14 a.m 8k 越野
p.m 5.6k, 100m x2, 越野 1.6k x3 (慢跑 0.4k/3:00): 5:12, 5:17, 5:18… 417 more words
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Training: Hills and Sprints

Wednesday night means club night and boy were we lucky with the weather! It rained solidly all day. It rained all the way home from work. 331 more words