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Running Training: Hill Repeats (Resistance Work)

I think I got wetter last night doing our rain soaked hills session in Swanage, than I did whilst swimming the night before! Kind of nice though training in the summer rain, once you’ve warmed up… 238 more words


Work-it-out Wednesday: hill repeats

Happy hump day hierophants!

I hope that your work-week is going well. Have you been interpreting any sacred mysteries or esoteric principles lately? My Wednesday was an uphill battle beginning to end. 721 more words

Champagne and Hill Repeats. Or Things Not To Do. Ever.

Let’s see. Do I start with the Mexican Food I had for lunch? Or the glass of Champagne I had following it? {Note: Champs and beans do NOT mix. 365 more words


Nos. 19 & 20 [Runners]

“What would you say is the toughest thing about running?”
“Does your coach like hill repeats?”
“Yes. The Wickes Park hill.”

Hooray Run

I Heart Hill Repeats

I know, I know.  Based on the title of this post, you now think I’m crazy.  And I get that.  Most runners don’t really like hill repeats.   530 more words



I’m actually so tired.

7am: wakeup, eat some toast
8:20am: went for a “hike” but it was very slow so it was more like a casual walk for an hour and a half… 343 more words


Hill Repeats in Saginaw, Michigan [Runner's High]

A prime spot for hill repeats and a refreshing view in Saginaw, Michigan.

Hooray Run