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4/12/14 soapstone repeats

With ROTC 3 repeats, sandbags and 1 trx circuit of midrows, hk, push-ups


Speed WERK!!

Yesterday was another day of speed work so that means another hump day of crawling out of bed and having my legs curse me until I get in the hot shower.  843 more words

Will repeats

On Thursday, we had just been laughing about things to sell and that came to a stop. I then felt my stomach roll and could almost feel the stomachs of 2 of my co-workers roll. 1,339 more words

Medina Half Training: Week Seven

This week turned into an unintentional cut back week. The schedule originally planned for a some hills, some shorter runs and a long run this weekend, with next week as a recovery cut back week. 606 more words


Running to a beat

Recently, I’ve been recovering from a cold and I’ve found I’m lacking¬†any motivation to go for a run when my body just isn’t cooperating. Yesterday was the first time I’ve been out for a run since last Wednesday, so it’s been almost a week. 393 more words

Is it Too Early to Start Packing?

I am starting to get excited for this summer!

We have purchased our tickets for Disneyland! I have never been to California so this will be a new experience. 388 more words


The hills are alive

And also nasty little bitches.

This morning I woke up to tingling and pain in my left hand and thought, great. Here we go again, Carpal Tunnel. 177 more words