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Training Log 2014, 9/8-9/14

9/8 a.m 10.4k 越野 | p.m 8.1k 越野 9/9 a.m 5.5k, 200m上坡土路 x20 (慢跑200m), 5.3k
p.m 8k 越野 9/10 a.m 1.3k, 18k土路/ 1:13:22 447 more words
Training Log

32 days

32 days until the marathon.

My 20 mile run didn’t happen on Sunday due to the most heinous weather ever for the whole summer. I started sweating walking out the door. 192 more words

KILL-ara: an Addendum

Jeanine has sent me an update on her Killara run this morning and I believe it bears sharing with our audience…

21km Training

Running Training: Skills, Drills and Hills (Hill Repeats Session)

A three part training session last night with Purbeck Runners as we worked on running form (skills), did a series of repeats up steps (drills) and then hit some hills… 435 more words


Running Training: Hill Repeats (Resistance Work)

I think I got wetter last night doing our rain soaked hills session in Swanage, than I did whilst swimming the night before! Kind of nice though training in the summer rain, once you’ve warmed up… 238 more words


Work-it-out Wednesday: hill repeats

Happy hump day hierophants!

I hope that your work-week is going well. Have you been interpreting any sacred mysteries or esoteric principles lately? My Wednesday was an uphill battle beginning to end. 721 more words

Champagne and Hill Repeats. Or Things Not To Do. Ever.

Let’s see. Do I start with the Mexican Food I had for lunch? Or the glass of Champagne I had following it? {Note: Champs and beans do NOT mix. 365 more words