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If I Ruled the World

If I were given “ALMIGHTY POWERS” (so to speak) and were able to reach trough history and pluck all my favorite performers out and throw them together in one group it would be unlike anything ever seen or heard. 329 more words

Power Up, Over, and Down Any Incline

Australian miler Herb Elliott’s gut-churning sand dune workouts prior to his 1960 Olympic gold helped establish hill training as critical to every serious training plan. But simply sprinting up and down inclines isn’t a winning strategy, as Australian researchers discovered. 9 more words


Lebaran ... (1)

Tanggal berapa ini??? Baru mau posting Lebaran. Hehehe .. ya maaf kan ya. Mumpung masih dalam suasana Lebaran (panjang banget) THE HILLS mnegucapkan Selamat Hari Idul Fitri ya. 507 more words

Around the Bend

Taken by Ken Chambers


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Welcome Back Coburn Family! - by Karma Hill

I first met the Coburn family Waaaaaaaaay back in 2007 when I first started my business. I was so happy to hear that I would get to work with this wonderful family again! 115 more words

Image representing impasse on #wordymonday

Not dance images this week because I’ve been in Brecon Beacons and Monmouthshire on a cycling trip. I nearly missed the second which is why it’s so far away. 33 more words

Carole Edrich Dance Photography

Matrilineal Monday: Juda Hill

Five generations back on my direct matrilineal line sits Juda Hill.  There’s me, my mother, then:

  • My grandmother, Wilma Mae Watkins
  • My great-grandmother, Juda Eva-An Taylor…
  • 334 more words
North Carolina