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The other day I was having a friendly conversation with a couple of friends, neither who are as much a Progressive Liberal Bleeding Heart Socialist Democrat. 834 more words


When will they give it a rest

Well looks like today another Democrat threw her hat in the ring calling the Washington Redskins name “insensitive”Who was this brave woman you ask it was no other than Hillary Clinton.Yes it is the same “insensitive”Hillary Clinton. 157 more words


This Was Not Front Page News

As the story goes, an unidentified man was standing in a checkout line at a small grocery store near Poughkeepsie, NY. He stood behind a smartly dressed woman buying several groceries and using food stamps to pay for them. 175 more words


Hillary Claims Hamas Uses Human Shields Because Gaza is Small

Yeah… that’s why they do it…

What a stunningly stupid thing to say.

This is so dumb it sounds like something Saturday Night Live would falsely attribute to Sarah Palin.

Via the Washington Free Beacon.


Hillary Clinton Isn't Running for President. Why Hasn't Anyone Noticed?

Within the next six months, Hillary Clinton will announce that she is not running for President in 2016. That sounds like a bold, counter-intuitive claim; but if I’m wrong – and I very well might be – it would be… 1,091 more words

What would Hamas do without Hillary Clinton to rationalize its behavior? [VIDEO]

Carol Brown,  American Thinker

Jorge Ramos of Fusion TV recently interviewed Hillary Clinton. In discussing the war between Hamas and Israel, Clinton managed to say at least half a dozen outrageous things in a span of just 2 minutes.


Hillary Clinton thinks the Redskins should change their name

Hillary Clinton became the latest top Democrat to speak out about the Redskins’ controversial name when she said that she thinks “it’s insensitive” in an interview with Fusion TV. 108 more words