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Crank up some NUGENT, crack open O’Reilly’s latest “killing” book, and listen to some Rush Limbaugh. Research proves it’ll make you smarter. 517 more words


Why I'm Terrified Of Hillary

Disregard domestic policy. I find it difficult to believe that any democratic president will have much of a legacy on domestic policy because the real root of America’s stagnation lies within Congress and not the presidency. 703 more words

Congress And Politics


This time of year is rife with ads on TV and Radio telling you how awful the other guy is.

Here is the truth about those ads; for the most part they are… 3,119 more words


51. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Tuesday, October 21st, 2:00pm
Hillary (and Sean)(and Drommen)

Hillary sits at the window. Sean takes a seat beside her.

Sean: Hey.

Hillary stares out the window. 267 more words


Actually, it's not ok!

So, Feisty Gal, beginning the second 1/3 of her life, has decided to stop saying “Oh, that’s ok!” when it really isn’t.  As a woman in our society, I feel like I have been trained to respond in that way to most situations that involve excuses and rude behavior. 666 more words