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River Garw Clean Up - Completed!

It was our annual clean up of our patch of the Garw River and we were lucky as it’s been fairly dry recently so the river wasn’t running too high or fast. 221 more words

Volunteering At Bryngarw Park

12 more species to avoid

Plantife’s ‘Dirty Dozen’

Despite successfully campaigning for five of the worst offenders to be banned from sale in the UK, many other non-native, invasive plants are still at large. 22 more words

Himalayan Balsam

Tackling Invaders

Take a country walk in summer and you will come across a fairly attractive plant with tall stems, green leaves ribbed with red veins, and profuse clusters of pinky white, fragrant flowers. 563 more words


The influence of habitat conditions on the performance of two invasive annuals

A new paper detailing research conducted in 2008–2010 discusses the influences of habitat conditions on Himalayan balsam and Bidens frondosa, another invasive plant species

K. Kostrakiewicz-Gierałt, M. 25 more words

Himalayan Balsam

Invasive Species

The strong winds are back. Although the skies are a fairly uniform dull grey, where there are differences in nuances, wispy streaks rush over their lighter neighbours like smoke from a bonfire, or what was soon to emanate from the car bonnet. 750 more words

My take on a wild garlic pesto

One of the positive things I can take from last year is the time I spent around two chefs who opened my eyes to a whole world of flavours and ways to using wild foods in a way which not only makes the very best of there flavours but which ones work well together in a complimentary way. 687 more words