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Dark Chocolate Cookies with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

I reduced the sugar by 1/3 and these still came out just wonderful. I am curious to make them again with cinnamon instead of the espresso. 208 more words


Salt of the Earth

Salt often gets a bad rap these days, taking the blame for many of our health woes. The fact is, that salt is an essential mineral that our bodies need to properly function. 428 more words


Gluten free crackers

It is near impossible for me to find delicious sugar free crackers (and I won’t eat sugar substitutes). Even when I have found sugar free crackers they tend to have non natural ingredients that I would like to eat less of whenever possible. 427 more words


Why Salt is Good for our Health

It is a common myth that salt is bad for our health and is something we should avoid and cut down on. However whilst studying naturopathy I discovered that salt is not only good for you but it is essential for your health and the prevention of many illnesses. 199 more words


Crispy kale chips

I discovered these absolutely fantastic chips a couple of years ago.  They were much better than I could have ever imagined! These are the easiest snacks that I have ever made and they definitely hit the right spot – ladies: you know exactly what I mean. 346 more words