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20 Shades of Mountain – A Pictorial Ode to My Love Affair with the Mountains

“My pride is righteous, my shadow encompasses borders. In my might I watch guard, standing tall, mending order. Lo, I am the Mountain.” ― Mohit Behl (Madcap Mario) 932 more words


Mountain Activities in India

There’s no end to the mountain adventures in India. Although Mt. Everest is in Nepal, did you know that 73% of the Himalayas are in India? 348 more words


Roopkund quenches

Roopkund was a trek I always yearned to do since my early trekking days. It was like a milestone in an amateurs life. Although I knew I had to do it, I never planned on it. 2,371 more words

Bedni Bugyal


When you desire of something, it is said that the entire universe conspires to help you achieve it. I think that is bull! The means of you achieving something or not is by you doing certain things or choosing not to do certain other things. 194 more words



-I love you.

-Prove it (She said)

-Do you know about Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem?

-Your elite knowledge base is beyond both my purview of know-hows and my ability to comprehend them. 1,365 more words


Far Cry 4: Review

So, it has been just about a week since the release of Ubisoft’s latest installment of their open world shooter series, Far Cry 4. I was unsure about buying this game because I had been burned by previous Far Cry games with generally boring gameplay which led me to not even bother touching Far Cry 3. 646 more words