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The vigil of Utka, the expectant heroine

I was inspired by the traditional, miniature style Basohli Painting, that I came across in M.S. Randhawa’s book of the same name.

It is a painting of Utka, the expectant heroine who is waiting at the trysting place. 84 more words

Arjun: The Warrior Prince

Rakesh Sai Babu played ( Arjuna ) in Radhica Giri’s “Chitrangada” –  a dance drama  in Music Academy —Chennai, INDIA

Arjuna and the Brahmin – Mythological Story of Lord Krishna… 730 more words

Chhau Dance

8 things that prove Science was really involved in Hindu mythology epics..!!

Hindu mythology stories are treated as literature material.But there is a huge possibility that those stories might not be a piece of literature.The Mahabharata and the Ramayana have depicted possibility that science was much more advanced at that time that than the science of modern era.In this post i would like to correlate between Hindu mythology and today’s science. 1,122 more words

Ancient Flying Vehicles

The head mask of Lord Bhairav

Lord Bhairav is the fierce manifestation of Shiva, associated with annihilation. He is commonly known as Kala Bhairava, who originated in Hindu mythology as a result of a conversation between Brahma and Vishnu. 177 more words


Demon-Daemon - Duel of the Dual

Demons in Hindu mythology are complex: a mixture of good and evil.

The good side: Ravana the great Rakshasa was a talented and benevolent king and yoga adept. 303 more words

Sri Aurobindo

Shiva emerging from the pillar of fire

‘….a pillar of fire appeared between them. It stretched up beyond the dome of the sky and down below the foundations of the earth. And the fire seemed to be burning without any fuel. 119 more words

Wanderlust Day 2 - Victorius Vinyasa with Bram Levinsion - Sahja and Sensuality with Andrew Bathorey

Wanderlust Day 2 – So I found myself up and on the go at 6:45 am it would turn out to br a busy and gratifying day as I was again accompanying Bram Levinson for our Victorious Vinyasa – the same workshop that brought us together a year ago at the same festival. 85 more words