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The Art of Shaolin Kung FuThe Secrets of Kung Fu for Self-Defence Health and Enlightenment, is another Wong Kiew Kit publication. This book is introduced with 16 chapters, these consist of – What is Kung Fu?, The historical development of Chinese martial arts, from Shaolin to Taijiquan, a comparative study of kung fu, defining aims and objectives, the foundation of shaolin kung fu, from form to combat application, combat sequences and set practice, shaolin five animals, five-animal combination set, the internal force of shaolin kung fu, tactics and strategies, classical kung fu weapons, understanding and developing chi, shaolin kung fu and zen, and lastly, the shaolin way to enlightenment. 297 more words


Yoga Clothing For You Mens HINDU Zippered Sweatshirt, 2XL Graphite

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Scorching Winds (Garam Hawa)

On an everyday basis, our generation is inching away from the past and the glories associated to our ancestors. There are numerous reasons to dwell on regarding this observation and many would even disagree. 286 more words


Nothing Vedic in ‘Vedic Maths’ - C. K. Raju

“Promoting the wrongly labelled ‘Vedic mathematics’ suppresses the mathematics that really does exist in the Vedas. For example, Yajurveda 17.2 elaborates on the decimal place value system (the basis of Indian algorithms) and some of those names for numbers are still in use…. 1,038 more words


#19 [VARANASI] Essa água do Ganges que me transformou em doutor

Não há paletas de cores, a porra de um arco-íris ou a mistura das tintas de uma aquarela capazes de criar a cor real encrostada pelo tempo estagnado nas paredes desse lugar. 1,598 more words


Misunderstood Religion

I’ve looked into a lot of religions and truthfully I can never find fault. EVERY book I’ve read I’ve found stories of hope, liberation, passion and most importantly love. 698 more words