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Long arm of the PM

The PM has unleashed a “zero tolerance policy ” towards corruption. In itself a laudable thing. However, he will put in place a  secret police like surveillance mechanism, that proposes to use closed circuit cameras, monitoring every move the ministries make. 431 more words

People, The State And Technology

Hindoos, Hindus, Spelling, and Theory

What is the relationship between spelling and theory? I often tell people my research is about “Hinduism in nineteenth century America.” But it’s really not. It’s not about Hinduism at all. 699 more words

Hindu Housewarming Ceremony: Griha Pravesh

We bought a new house! Hooray. And we happily moved in before my third trimester, and I didn’t even have to lift a box. I’m so happy! 664 more words


Zed urges Vatican Synod for sympathetic look at marriage laws

Special to Earthpages.org

Hindu religious figure Rajan Zed is urging the upcoming October Synod of Bishops at Vatican to exhaustively re-look into the Church marriage laws to make these more relevant to the contemporary society. 286 more words


Food for Thought, Or, Why This Hindu is Going Vegan

Like most children in America, I grew up eating animals. Specifically, in a Puerto Rican household, I was served fried chicken, roasted pork, steaks, and stewed chicken on a rotating basis. 1,365 more words


On Karma

Karma is the universal concept that governs our lives. The Sanskrit word karma refers to action or work, while the concept Karma refers to the principle of causality. 1,139 more words


The Significance of Bindhi

Yo man, bindhi ain’t cool.”


*is slapped*


That’s what you get, jerk.


Anyway, whats the big deal about bindhi? Bindhi is beautiful and of course, is a personal choice. 237 more words