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Once in a Lifetime

She has a beautiful light

For the Auspicious start


Color my Wrists

Light leads a new beginning

Soles for the feet

December 2014 coming to an end, a year that served more than I asked for. 707 more words


The final hour

Alana has been awake for nearly 24 hours. It has been difficult.

There is a Hindu tradition where you must not sleep and chant the words “S-i-v-a y-a -n-a-m-a-h-a” for the whole day. 153 more words

Most Badass Hindu Gods/Goddesses Part III : Krishna

Starting right from his childhood. As a kid growing up in Brindavan, he sent a whole lot of  Asuras sent by Kamsa to their death. Then he dances on the hood of  the mighty serpent Kaliya, forcing him to leave the Yamuna. 1,164 more words


Most Badass Hindu Gods/Goddesses Part II : Shiva

Shiva also referred to by names like Rudra, Mahadev, Trayambak, Natraja, Shankar, Mahesh, etc. is considered the personification of the Masculine element of the universe. In the holy trinity of Hinduism, he is considered the ‘destroyer’ of cosmos. 594 more words


Most Badass Hindu Gods/Goddesses Part I : Hanuman

The name of Lord Hanuman pops in my head when someone refers to the mightiest or the most amazing mythical character ever. The non-natives might address him as Monkey-God or Monkey-Humanoid. 536 more words


Thoughts on PK - Some Questions for Raju Hirani and Amir Khan

PK is a thought-provoking movie. It’s thought-provoking enough to lead me to write this post although I’ve watched several thought-provoking movies in the past without making an effort to write about them. 3,628 more words


Hindu Temple Society of North America Provides Safe Haven for Worshippers

By Hemalini Paltoo, Edited by Jaime Zahl

The Pargan family sat together facing a beautifully decorated Ganesha statue in the middle of the temple listening to the chants of the priest with flowers in their clasped hands. 805 more words