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Container of Prejudice

One – 3 letters? A numeral? A value? Individual? World? Religion? Unity? Self? What is it, until it is contained as One Hundred, One person, One planet, One meal and One soul and One God. 657 more words

Census of India 2011: The religious imbalance worsens (with video) - J. K. Bajaj

“The Muslim rate of growth in 2011 is nearly 38 per cent above the national average; in 2001, the gap between the growth of Muslims and the national average was somewhat lower at 36.8 per cent. 2,189 more words


Village Life: Hindu Temples

Hinduism is a wonderful religion, full of character and colour………but unless you’re born and bred into that culture, to the uninitiated, it is also pretty hard to grasp. 91 more words


Nepal: Wood Masks, 2000

Hand-carved wood masks for sale near Durbar Square, Patan, Nepal, 2000.

Photograph copyright Ken Hunt and Whole Earth Images.com


The power of Om (AUM)

The first yoga class that I ever attended was in Bermuda about 10 years ago.  I loved it right away but I was a little weirded-out by the whole Om (AUM) chant at the beginning and end of the class.  505 more words


Manifestation beyond knowing,

Mandala Manifestation beyond knowing,

The way how is not apparent but an alignment within yourself begins to stream certainty.

You are not relating from your mind but your Heart. 7 more words


Ancient Indian Science - Where Temples Should Be Located /Constructed According to Vedic Way

There are Millions of temples all over India (and also across the world considering Hindu Temples in Bangladesh and other parts too) in Various Locations, Shapes, Sizes and of Different Gods with different customs and worships. 2,948 more words

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