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In the holy land of pigs and cows...

The moment I read the daily post today, the first thing I did was google out the seven cardinal sins. Being brought up in a Hindu family all that ever counted among the gravest of sins was eating pork and beef. 650 more words


Naga Panchami

Nag-Panchami is an important festival for Hindus and it is celebrated in the month of July /August. On this day they worship live cobras or their images. 28 more words


Hinduism and Happiness

I am no expert on Hinduism, just as I am no expert on Buddhism. I am simply curious about other religions and philosophies about life. From what I have read, Hinduism, which has its roots in India, very much parallels the teachings of the West regarding the attainment of happiness. 212 more words

(Buddhist mantra)
Your happiness is my happiness.
Your suffering is my suffering.

May I be filled
with loving compassion.
May I be healthy, peaceful & at ease.
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This Is NOT a Poem!

In this moment, I sit with my back erect

I breathe into my belly and consciously release all of the tensions in my body

It seems I have been anxious far too long- 89 more words

Ramayana's Best Sloka

There is a Legend that Varauchi,who was in King Vikramaditya’s Court and A great Sanskrit scholar as asked to pick the best sloka in the… 144 more words


Vedas Not Clear Women Chastity Pancha Kanyas Chaste?

I have been under the impression that he Vedas and the Epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata are very strict in the  chastity of women.

There is also a view that women were suppressed and that there was no sexual intransigence during this period. 498 more words