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துர்க்கா ஸூக்தம் அர்த்தம்

1.ஓம் || ஜாதவே’தஸே ஸுனவாம ஸோம’ மராதீயதோ னித’ஹாதி வேதஃ’ |
ஸ னஃ’ பர்-ஷததி’ துர்காணி விஶ்வா’ னாவேவ ஸிம்தும்’ துரிதா‌உத்யக்னிஃ ||

ஜாத வேதஸே -அனைத்தையும் அறிபவரான அக்னியே !

ஸோமம் -சோமத்தை , 136 more words


How To Write Chintamani Bheeja Yantra on The Tongue

Devi Kali is said to have written this Yantra on the tongue of Kalidasa.

He immediately started the Shymala Dandakam,

Manikyaveenam upalaalayantheem,Mthalasaam Majula Vaakvilaasaam’ 105 more words


Lalitha Devi's Abode Chinatmani Gruham Details

Devi Lalita resides in Her Abode Chinatmani,

‘“Smaram yonim Lakshmeem thrithayamidamaadau thava manoh
Nidhaayaike nithye niravadhimahaabhogarasikah
Bhajanthi thvaam Chintamani gunanibaddhaakshavalayah
Shivaagnau juhvanthah surabhighruthadhaaraahuthi shathaih.”

Literal meaning:-Some connoiseurs of the highest enjoyment,adding before the beginning of… 652 more words


When reality is not quite what you thought it was

In the United States, one estimate pegs the number of animals killed for food production at about 10 billion annually (most being chickens). The methods are hidden from view, seldom filmed, and far from humane. 207 more words


Hinduism for me

What is Hinduism to me ?

Hinduism, According to Wikipedia is a categorization of distinct intellectual or philosophical points of view, rather than a rigid, common set of beliefs. 447 more words

Short Stories

How To Calculate Thithi Hindu Festivals US Europe

The Devout in the US face this problem of finding out the dates of Hindu Festivals,Thithis, Amavasya,Upakarma ,Gayatri Japa and other Festivals like

Deepavai Makara Sankaranthi. 399 more words


The daughters of Saraswati

I recently went for a viewing of the film Girl Rising. It is an inspiring documentary (that everybody should see!) about nine brave young women from different parts of the world. 481 more words