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The true meaning of karma

I nap while the beef simmers in the stove, thickening over the house, day sagging into night. There is coffee and beer and water in between to wash us out, to cleanse us, bobbing up and down upon days. 846 more words


Be Kind to Yourself

Returning to the Vedanta Convent after such a long time away, I can feel how long it has been since I was last here, and how needed this personal retreat is for me. 440 more words


Is the purpose of our Life
right-now a resit & a reexamination ?
The real significance of human existence or Life
& Living in general, is a path of transforming…
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QUOTES FOR TODAY : The Gita ( The Soul has no Karma )

He truly sees, who sees that all actions are done by Nature alone and the Soul is actionless.

Having no beginning and possessing no Gunas ( natural qualities), the Supreme Self, imperishable, though dwelling in the body,…., neither acts nor is tainted ( by actions). 69 more words


Understanding art in religion

Robert Bracey, curator, British Museum

The term ‘religion’ covers a diverse range of thoughts and beliefs. Some people understand their religion to prohibit all acts of violence, even to the smallest animal, while others believe their religion compels them to go to war. 915 more words

British Museum

Comment on @kafila article 'http://kafila.org/2014/10/14/challenges-to-islamic-state-from-within-islam/'

This is a comment on @kafila article ‘http://kafila.org/2014/10/14/challenges-to-islamic-state-from-within-islam/’

So? What does your article aim to prove? You take pains to point out that the news item you mention may not have gotten enough play in Indian media; said news item is concerned with the same old hackneyed statement that “ISIS is not real Islam”, a sentiment echoed by even Obama and David Cameron. 256 more words


Religions Gone Awry, Systems Rendered Asunder

Islam promotes discipline and ends up glorifying violence. Christianity promotes love and ends up glorifying sex. Buddhism promotes non-possession and ends up glorifying money. Hinduism promotes India. 642 more words