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Bindi: Status Symbol and Fashion Statement

Girl 1: What’s that?

Kalki: Bindi.

Girl 2: Where’d you get them?

Kalki: You can buy ‘em for like a buck at any Indian grocery, I have a shit-load.

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Navavarana Pooja Procedure Mantras Part 1

I am providing the Navavarana Pooja details with Mantras below.

Begin the Pooja with Ganesha Partishta, Kalasa Pooja and follow the  procedures here with Sankalpa. 1,588 more words


What is religion good for? - Maria Wirth

“Neither Christianity nor Islam has a solid philosophical basis. They consider as absolutely true what simply cannot be absolutely true: a story about the Highest does not qualify as That which always is, as it depends on thoughts. 1,744 more words

Psychological Warfare

Sanatana University

Just listened to the Day 1 lecture by Swami Omkarananda held on 11th September on ‘Kaivalya Navaneetam’, a Tamil treatise (work) on Vedanta (Upanishad).  Some of the information he presented about the studies and writings in Tamil on Vedanta are utterly fascinating – Vadivelu Chettiar in Chennai, Kovilur Mutt, one Sannidhi at Nannilam temple for Guru and his disciple (Narayana Guru and Thandavaraya Swamigal).   441 more words

Human Evolution

Vedic Embryology Garbhopanishad

The scriptures of the Hindus, Vedas speak of Embryology.

There are references in the Puranas to Embryology.

1.Dadisi’s Stemcell was taken from his backbone, when Dadisi gave his backbone to Indra, Chief of Devatas to enable him to create a Powerful weapon, Vajrayadudha. 1,348 more words


For Female Child Vaibhava Lakshmi Text Procedure

Though here are many Mantras for begetting a son, there seems to be none for begetting a Female Child in the Vedas nor ,to my knowledge,there are any Yagas. 4,272 more words


Blank Minds and Tramp Souls

In my post Dark Side of Meditation, I wrote of the potential risks and side-effects of meditation. There are rare reports that meditation can cause or worsen symptoms in people who have certain psychiatric problems. 522 more words