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The Orphic Egg

The Orphic Egg

You were on your way home when you died.
It was a car accident. Nothing particularly remarkable, but fatal nonetheless. You left behind a wife and two children. 1,036 more words

The untold scenario of Pakistan’s Minorities

Pakistan has been in the limelight for quite some time due to certain extremely disturbing incidents happening in the country with regard to Human Rights violations of minorities. 784 more words

Call out the Christian churches on the caste system

A Question for Short Debate (QSD) on poverty and caste discrimination in India has been scheduled for Wednesday 26 November in the British House of Lords. 1,615 more words


Hindu Muslim Unity: Hindu brahmins participate in Shia Ashura

DELHI:  Indian Shiites commemorated Ashura, which for them is a day of mourning that honors the martyrdom of the Imam Husain, grandson of the Prophet Mohammad, who was supposedly killed at the 7th century Battle of Karbala. 230 more words

Communal Harmony

Strange Religious Patterns


Its one hot Tuesday afternoon, 12.45pm, 15 min before the lecture is adjourned for lunch break. Margret isn’t patient enough to wait for the class to be dismissed, so she excuses herself and leaves, destination-CHURCH! 312 more words


A propos of #Congress celebrations for #Nehru's 125th birth anniversary . A look at his legacy.

Nehru, writes French historian Alain Danielou, “was the perfect replica of a certain type of Englishman. He often used the expression ‘continental people’, with an amused and sarcastic manner, to designate French or Italians. 473 more words

Clarification About Arjuna, Krishna, and Coca Cola - Now With A Crucifix Of Candy

A while back, the Ithaca Myth blog published an article with the title, Arjuna and Krishna Have A Coke And A Smile.

The article featured the graphic you see here, with Krishna and Arjuna drinking Coca-Cola instead of blowing conch shells to begin a battle against Arjuna’s cousins. 1,216 more words