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Why I support Narendra Modi - And no, I’m not a “right-wing Hindu fanatic”

“Why I support Narendra Modi – And no, I’m not a Right-wing Hindu fanatic” … argues Amrit Hallan that liberal Indians have enough reason to back Modi. 7 more words



After Azam Khan said that ” Those, who defended Kargil, were not Hindus; they were Muslims.”, I thought it would be interesting to publish the list of those Indian soldiers who died in Kargil. 314 more words

BNP-Jamaat's attackers of 2001 shouldn't go unpunished

All women and girls of all ages including handicapped and elderly women of three Hindu villages in Lalmohan upazila of Bhola were raped immediately after October 1, 2001 parliamentary election. 673 more words

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Muslims, not Hindus, won Kargil for India: Azam Khan

સત્તા મેળવવા માટે નેતાઓ કેટલી હદ સુધી હલકાઈ પર ઉતરી આવતા હોય છે તેનું સૌથી મોટું ઉદાહરણ છે સમાજવાદી પાર્ટીના નેતા આઝમ ખાન. હરહમેંશા વિવાદોમાં રહેવા માટે જાણીતા આઝ,મ ખાને ઉત્તરપ્રદેશમાં મતદાનના બે દિવસ પહેલા જ એક વિસ્ફોટક નિવેદન આપી નીચતાનો પરિચય આપ્યો છે.

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Death: some thoughts

Peaches Geldof and Mickey Rooney

Peaches Geldof died, yesterday (7 April) aged just 25. I first learnt of this as with many celebrity deaths through a Facebook status comment, Andrew McFall wrote : “Shocked by the death of Peaches Geldof…”, I immediately went to the BBC news site to find out more. 913 more words


Watch: What You Need To Know About Elections in India and Indonesia

April will be a big month for democracy, as elections take place in India, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Hungary, Indonesia, Algeria and Iraq – countries with total electorates of more than one billion people. 63 more words

What it means to me to be a Hindu

Thousands of years ago, in ancient India and other neighbouring lands, a great civilisation arose. To me, being a Hindu makes me an heir of this civilisation and confers upon me the responsibility for its well being and continuity. 692 more words