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Hindus against censorship: please sign petition to support Gaurav Sawant

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Gaurav Sawant (right), a deputy editor for Headlines Today (part of the India Today group) is being threatened with dismissal.The reason for this, is that he has dared to question (on Twitter)  the way that the mainstream media fails to highlight or report accurately incidents of violence or religious intolerance in which members of the Muslim community are perpetrators. 329 more words


The Growing Religious Intolerance

It is not uncommon these days to switch to a News channel and see someone from a political or religious group spitting venom through the media about other religious groups. 806 more words


Hindu MP's force Muslim staffer to break fast


There has been uproar in India’s parliament after reports that some Hindu MPs tried to forcibly feed a Muslim man who is fasting for Ramadan. 296 more words

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sudarshan kriya is not Hinduism

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Some of us think that Sudarshan Kriya is a part of Hinduism… and if we are Hindus… we have to do Sudarshan Kriya… 123 more words

Sudarshan Kriya