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Hinduism in the 21st century - Murali Murti

“Although there is nothing equivalent to an encyclical that has been issued by any reputed Hindu thinkers or religious leaders, there are nevertheless the outlines of a 21st century Hinduism that can be discerned through what appears in the India media, films, books and magazines, and from the writings and speeches of influential Hindu intellectuals and political leaders.” – Prof  Murali Murti… 1,061 more words


Muslims encouraged to forgive Charlie Hebdo cartoonists

Written by Yazeed Kamaldien

Muslims should forgive Charlie Hebdo magazine cartoonists, an Islamic academic told thousands gathered for Friday prayers at a local mosque yesterday. 484 more words

SHIVAN-The Enigma!!

Shiva is a god for millions of people around the world.

Of all gods, Shiva or Shivan has a very special place. Lord Shiva is worshiped in the form of a Linga. 1,369 more words


India's Naidu pushes for population growth. What is it with these men?

Last week M.P. Maharaj incited Hindus to have more children. Now Andhra Pradesh’s chief minister, Chandrababu Naidu, is compelling his state to increase its population. He claims, Andhra Pradesh will be the “smart” state. 76 more words


No broad minded view for the masses

When Bollywood’s Karina Kapoor (Hindu) married Saif Ali Khan (Muslim) no one took much notice of their religious differences. Obviously this broad minded view has not tricked down to the masses, because when a Hindu man fell in love with a Muslim girl in the State of Bihar, he was murdered. 25 more words


Picture the Cross

As the “Church Lady” I do not have the power and influence of the Pope or the President. Hey, I don’t even have the influence of the Prime Minister of the UK. 589 more words

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