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Adding Shoulder Detail on a Gown or Dress – Step three

Pivot the basted shoulder drape toward the inside of the gown…

And pin it in place.

Quick Tip: Search content for this site in speed!

yBaX Start is no longer as small as it was a few months ago, now the website seems to have genuine followers who care for the blog and there’s an almost daily rate of new content. 158 more words

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Outsiders' Musings XLIV: Talking about hacks (and double XP week)

My iPad finally decided I had cleared enough space this week and allowed me back onto Tapped Out, although I missed nearly all of the Fourth of July update. 460 more words


Things girls are too scared to tell to guys

Things girls are too scared to tell to guys

Guys, girls may seem complicated, but actually, they’re not that difficult to read. You must just know a few things about girls which they don’t usually tell. 248 more words


Post-It Notes can be used for stitching guides

Use a post-it note to indicate topstitching distance or seam allowances. Place the sticky-note at the appropriate distance from the needle and stick it to the sewing machine bed.