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Where in the world is UV Man?

Can you guess where UV Man is in this photo? HINT: For almost 500 years this “city” served as the home of emperors and is now a popular tourist spot…


Where in the world is UV Man?

He’s on the road again! Can you guess where UV Man is? HINT: A city whose name rhymes with “dog” when said in a Long Island accent…


Where in the world is Tracer Man?

It looks like this Wookiee ditched Han Solo and found a new bff! Can you guess where they are in this photo?
HINT: A brightly lit outdoor strip in a city where stories or photos of occurrences within are forbidden to leave…


Compiling a list of Truecrypt alternatives - Ars Technica OpenForum

A list of #Truecrypt alternatives http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?t=1245367 Shockingly, key program defunct after 10yrs. Now onto #FileVault , BitLocker & #PGP


Top Ten Tips for Successful Website

You all the friends know that in today’s ea the website making is not a rocket science and we can make attractive and beautiful websites within minutes. 479 more words

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Clues and Cues

It’s when I thought I could never be that early in my life

It’s when I gave you my night

It’s when I brainstorm something to share… 153 more words


Computer Hope computer system information script v1.9

Where can I see a webpage that shows information about me?
See a system information script for an example of the type of information a website can get about your computer. 7 more words