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Post-It Notes can be used for stitching guides

Use a post-it note to indicate topstitching distance or seam allowances. Place the sticky-note at the appropriate distance from the needle and stick it to the sewing machine bed.

Details Coromega Omega3 Supplement Orange Flavor with a Hint

Coco pure contains highly concentrated cocoa. We do not speak about other junkies such as milk chocolate bars, chocolate ice cream, chocolate candies or white chocolate here. 253 more words


When using a double needle

Place one thread in the thread guide near the needle and keep one thread out of the thread guide. This will keep the threads from twisting together and will help prevent tangling.

Bellville Sassoon’s Lacing Technique – Part 9

For an especially full figured or large woman or for those who want extra control, I add a row of cording inside near the next row of boning and use twill tape to cinch the garment. 16 more words

Cooking From TV - The begining

I’m a big fan of cooking and eating what I cook. I like picking up new tips and tricks to make even more delicious food. I also like TV shows they are too big things that i spend a lot of time doing. 157 more words


Bellville Sassoon’s Lacing Technique – Part 8

Cut the cord at least 1/2 inch (1 cm) longer than the garment edge, and insert it into the hole at the top of the boning, following the procedure that you did in step 7. 42 more words

Welcome to the Website

So after many messages from superpants25, we are live!

Lots of information about the server will be put up on this page with hints and tips to make the most of the world all us Minecrafters live in, so be sure to keep checking back here!