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Have No Fear Of Perfection, 

You Will Never Reach It!

Salvador Dali


Tip Tuesday - Toasted Pancakes

We’ve already been over how much I like breakfast (really, scroll through these posts for proof), but we’ve never specifically discussed my love of pancakes. I… 194 more words


EXO coming soon 2015

Obviously, it’s Kris and Luhan :'(

Tip Tuesday - Tongs

I’m a little bit short. At 5’3″, I have a hard time hoisting my carry-on luggage into the overhead storage units on airplanes. Looking through front door peepholes requires me to stand on my tiptoes. 155 more words


Billie Joe Armstrong Hints At New Green Day Music Coming In 2015

Is new Green Day music on the horizon? If we’re reading frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s Instagram caption right, there could be some more Green Day in our lives in 2015. 356 more words


It’s Hinting Season!

I was presented with this list of items, just in case, you know, I’m out shopping in the next few weeks.

I have been warned. 12 more words

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