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I Can't Even | The Neighbourhood

New single from The Neighbourhood, like how they incorporate hip hop into their dreamy song.


Alex Wiley - Lil Stoner Boi [Free Download]

Alex Wiley dropped a pretty rad track with his new jam, Lil Stoner Boi. The Chicago rapper has been gaining a lot of traction in 2014, look for him to make a big push in the coming new year. 7 more words


"Trumpets" by Jason Derulo (MUES Reviews)

In a sort of impromptu review, Mues talks about the newest from Jason Derulo in which the pop R&B singer suffers from auditory delusions.


Andre's Amazon Archive for 11/22/2014: 'The Man' by Omar Lye-Fook

Now I realize that these days eight years doesn’t seem to be a very long time to record a new album-what with litigation/money being such an overriding concern even more than it ever was-and it was always a huge concern. 479 more words


KXNG CROOKED (Crooked I) - Freestylin' Under Oath

When KXNG CROOKED aka Crooked I freestyles, everyone in the room stops to take notice. The Slaughterhouse OG is coming fresh off of killing his appearance in the SHADY CXVPHER while patiently waiting to drop his upcoming mixtape, “Sex, Money, and Hip Hop.” Crooked starts off by letting us know that it is a freestyle, saying the track might come out choppy and sloppy. 92 more words


Lil Durk Drops New Track Hot "Big Ol Ni**a"

After being arrested once again on gun charges. Lil Durk was released from jail on bond, the Chicago, Illinois rapper now brings some hot new music back to the streets. 45 more words


Watch Killer Mike And Action Bronson Try To Rap Battle On Treadmills

Action Bronson and Killer Mike are two great MCs who are each trying to get in shape. The two went on “The Eric Andre Show… 32 more words