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"Caskets" - Bishop Nehru x MF DOOM

Del anticipado NehruvianDOOM, sale el tercer single Caskets. MF DOOM inicia con unas rimas pausadas y punzantes, luego entra Bishop Nehru acelerando el paso con unas líricas geniales y ese flow incontenible, que al terminar la sección queda sólo, el beat se apaga y Nehru remata a cappella con “Packing raps in caskets your boy Nehru”. 34 more words

Christian rap becoming a big thing in hip hop Part 1

Hip hop has been known for spreading the word and expressing opinions about a variety of issues and topics that no one else wanted to discuss. 1,315 more words

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TSC006 | Anticon: a Primer

It has got to be said. anticon. doesn’t get its due.

Formed by a handful of oddball, rap-obsessed, art school kids in the late 90’s, the collective and label known as anticon. 425 more words


Goldilocks terrorizes helpless bears in new MC Frontalot video

MC Frontalot‘s new album Question Bedtime mostly features fairy tales unfamiliar to us folks raised on Mother Goose and the Brothers Grimm. On those few occasions when the good MC does take on a more well-worn story, he always flips the script on it. 272 more words

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