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Yoga Sequence to relieve stress and release joint tension

A simple sequence to De-stress & release joint tension

This sequence is designed to alleviate stress and release energy; improve coordination, self awareness and self confidence. 3,215 more words


Hip openers!

Another favourite area for tightening up and causing us problems! The hip joint is a large, complex joint but it is actually often a tight joint, surrounded by the gluteals and smaller rotator muscles that can shorten and restrict the hip even more. 290 more words


Practice: Anjaneyasana Variation / Crescent Lunge Variation

The ‘crescent’ part of this asana refers to the shape the posture takes

‘Anjaneya’ is another name for the deity Hanuman 

This week sees a full moon on the lunar calendar… 1,018 more words

My Love-Hate Relationship with Hip Openers

When I started my regular yoga practice two years ago, my hips were so stiff that I was wondering how my classmates could easily cross their ankle against the opposite leg, bend forward and squat.  161 more words


Shoulders Are A Huge Bummer & Hip Openers Rock

Tricky week this week. I started out strong with my practice early in the week. But I found that my previously injured shoulder started getting a bit “sharp” feeling. 261 more words


Yoga: Hip Openers

I once viewed flexibility as being a huge struggle that held me back. It was an obstacle that seemed unbeatable. But thanks to my yoga practice I have really been able to break through a lot of walls that I honestly thought my body was incapable of accomplishing. 532 more words


Practice: Garudasana (Eagle Pose)

As I’ve said before – balancing is brilliant for bringing us into the present moment. It’s surprising how many millions of thoughts we can have running through our mind, and how none of them are actually related to what’s happening… 1,475 more words