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Lessons from Kino MacGregor: Getting my legs behind my head

The idea of taking a famous yogi’s class has never appealed to me. I like intimate, small classes. The venues that host more well known yogis are often packed and less intimate. 1,084 more words


Let's Do Some Yoga

I was born with not-so-good joints. My parents both has knee issues. I used to have one too due to incorrect form of one-legged squats. My right hip clicked. 199 more words

Health Notes

Yoga Sequence to relieve stress and release joint tension

A simple sequence to De-stress & release joint tension

This sequence is designed to alleviate stress and release energy; improve coordination, self awareness and self confidence. 3,215 more words


Hip openers!

Another favourite area for tightening up and causing us problems! The hip joint is a large, complex joint but it is actually often a tight joint, surrounded by the gluteals and smaller rotator muscles that can shorten and restrict the hip even more. 290 more words


Practice: Anjaneyasana Variation / Crescent Lunge Variation

The ‘crescent’ part of this asana refers to the shape the posture takes

‘Anjaneya’ is another name for the deity Hanuman 

This week sees a full moon on the lunar calendar… 1,018 more words

My Love-Hate Relationship with Hip Openers

When I started my regular yoga practice two years ago, my hips were so stiff that I was wondering how my classmates could easily cross their ankle against the opposite leg, bend forward and squat.  161 more words


Shoulders Are A Huge Bummer & Hip Openers Rock

Tricky week this week. I started out strong with my practice early in the week. But I found that my previously injured shoulder started getting a bit “sharp” feeling. 261 more words