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Practice: Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge)

Our bodies are built to move in a natural way, but unfortunately we have a habit of doing things that don’t necessarily serve us so well. 927 more words

Meditation Challenge - Day 16

Meditative Yin

Today’s 30-minute meditation was a silent meditation in a short series of yin poses. I used my timer with bells at 5-minute intervals and made my way through these poses: 74 more words


Practice: Marichyasana A / Pose Dedicated To The Sage Marichi

Marichi = ‘Ray of light’ (of the sun or moon)     Asana = Posture

This posture is ‘dedicated to the sage Marichi’, son of Brahma the creator. 1,140 more words

Practice: Malasana / Garland Pose + a mini anatomy lesson!

The traditional malasana is practiced with the arms wrapped around the body, with the hands clasping at the back. This both requires and gives a big opening to the shoulders and chest, as well as opening the hips and lengthening the Achilles heel (a place in which many runners can experience the symptoms of tendonitis). 1,608 more words

Two Keys to Deep (& Safe) Hip Opening

The muscles of our outer hips are really big and strong. That also means tight. Tight hips pull on the low back and often force our knees and ankles to compensate, which can lead to knee pain and problems like bunions in the feet. 595 more words