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Get Unstuck with (Modified) Malasana

Practicing hip-opening postures can help release unnecessary emotions that we may be holding onto. It also relieves the stress and tension caused by those emotions. Sometimes we may feel as though we’re stuck, like we can’t move forward in our lives, our career, or our yoga practice. 263 more words

Kurmasana: The Turtle Pose

It was the turtles, they did it, they bewitched me with their cute little waddle into the water as they embraced their nature programming and swam for their lives in the big beautiful sea, full of turtle danger.   978 more words


What Are The Benefits of Hip-Openers in Yoga?

Some people love them, others detest them with a fiery passion. And yet hip-opening is such a strong focus of yoga practice that there is simply no escape… put up, or shut up. 522 more words



Hip openers sequence.

Treino de abertura pélvica.