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Tinashe new Album – Aquarius

Tinashe step into the hiphop society was noticed when she dropped her detail–produced single Pretend. This was after she quit the sitcom Two and a Half Men to pursue her singing passion. 240 more words


"When I didn’t have a mic, I rapped on headphones"

Although I am white dude from suburban Finland, I have always been quite serious hiphop-head. This song below has always been one of the favorites. Raw simple drums and raw battle rhymes. 250 more words


New Mixtape "Stoner's Paradise" From Stoner Artist P.Will!

Stoner artist P.Will released his latest mixtape “Stoner’s Paradise” on July 17,2014 which now reached over 25,000 downloads. P.Will teamed up with NishaMillz, 64, and Iana Del Ray and created a dope mellow stoner mixtape. 36 more words


Mixtape Release Party for "624625"

Wednesday September 17th, 2014 come join NishaMillz and Mugga Boy at Two Sha’s lounge for their mixtape release party for “624625”. Located at 2576 Third Avenue and East 139th street Bronx,NY 10451. 34 more words


Keep it


Man you’ve gotta get mad(x4)
Nah fuck that
Man you’ve gotta get mad(x4)
I am mad ain’t it sad I used to think it’s funny or it’s not that bad but lean back peep tht. 300 more words


Who Don't

They say hiphop aint dead.. but rap game aint the same, lame train ..brakeless … going off track… theres no reset to this shit.. governmental test call it mind control cause most of these nigga s.mimic … most of bitches imitate but desire to own the crown but in my eyes youre all peasants to my state of mind… 19 more words