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The President and Founder's Thanksgiving Epistle to (the) Infinitely Remote

Do you ever receive comments? Of course you do, these days, who doesn’t? They are a dime a dozen, mostly, though every now and again you find a comment waiting in moderation that, while not renewing your hope for humanity or anything, does provide you an opportunity, along with answering any questions the commenter may have had, to go on, and on, for as long as you’d care to, about all kinds of other things, such as, for example: whatever crosses your mind. 1,043 more words

The Birth Of A Hippie Thanksgiving Tradition

If you say Alice’s Restaurant to an old school hippie around Thanksgiving you will most likely elicit a huge smile and happy reflective eyes. Why? Alice’s Restaurant is a Hippie tradition, and just about anywhere you go in the country you can find a radio station playing Alice’s Restaurant Massacree at 12 Noon on Thanksgiving day. 732 more words

COOL PEOPLE -JANIS JOPLIN- Tony Winner Will Play Janis Joplin in Upcoming Biopic

Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin – Ball And Chain (Amazing Performance at Monterey)

With Big Brother and the Holding Company, she performed the song at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 to an enthusiastic audience and critical reception. 2,572 more words


Silliness Junkie

Okay, attempt #2 at a passable blog post. Get it? Number 2? Damnit, I’m already back to fecal humor (see my first post)! Oh dear. Moving on. 1,013 more words


A Community of Outcasts in the Desert

Here’s a gallery of images that show many sides, not of the characters in Godspell, but of Burning Man. Like Olney’s Godspell, Burning Man is about the formation of a community, intact only briefly but with long-ranging impact on its members. 54 more words