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Over the past five years I have stumbled into a position to answer one of the questions that, as a millennial, concerns our entire generation. Scholars, pundits, and laymen alike have tried to answer it with varying degrees of success in the past, but here and now I will put an end to the confusion. 502 more words



September 28, 2010

mike and napes discuss the following topics……

penis forests……

sesame street pulling katy perry……..

phil davison……

pat tillman’s brother……

doing it in the ball pit……. 45 more words


Into the Woodstock Crowd, 1969

Into the Woodstock Crowd, 1969

By MessyNessy

15TH AUG, 2014


Forty five years ago today, nearly half a million music lovers descended upon a dairy farm in the Catskills for three days of peace, love and rock’n’roll. 702 more words


Cliques in the 1960s by Eva

In the 60s, there were many adolescent cliques and they were all very different. There were hippies, activists, a greaser or a hood, a social, and many more. 562 more words

The Outsiders

Naming Sugar Toots

So, obviously it was a lot of fun naming the blog. It’s pretty obvious which won out, but here were the final contenders (Tautz, you appreciate a good pun, so prepare yourself): 285 more words

Woodhenge: Behind The Music 3 days of hunting, gathering, and celtic rock

Woodhenge: Behind The Music
3 days of hunting, gathering, and celtic rock

For three days in the hot period of 3969BC nearly half a million young nomads attended the Woodhenge Music and Arts Festival. 918 more words

Woodhenge, Behind the Music, Three Days of Hunting, Gathering and Celtic Rock

Part II
After months of planning and hard work the monuments were set, the invitations sent by marathon messenger service, and the weekend was set. The monument would be the stage for a huge array of rock and rumble bands, The Rolling Boulders to Crossbow, Stills, and Gnash. 1,690 more words