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Digging Deep #8 - I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas

Welcome back to my monthly feature, Digging Deep, where I take you for a journey in my Time Machine to discover some gems from the past. 364 more words


Santa Claus- I want what Santa's smoking for Christmas, Mommy!

…um, mark this day on your calendar.

I don’t know where to begin.

I have just watched, hands down, the most messed up and disturbing Christmas movie ever. 1,318 more words


A Surprise Gift Part 2 - A Dress for Dancing

Hippo and Ant were walking along the main road towards the city, where Ant was going to buy a dance dress for Hippo.

‘You know what I was wondering,’ Hippo said, as they strolled down the verge of the road. 318 more words

Fossil Friday 12/12/14 : An anthracothere

The specimen for this Fossil Friday is the left lower jaw (dentary) of a juvenile anthracothere Arretotherium meridionale. Anthracotheres were considered an extinct family of artiodactyls, however new phylogenetic evidence suggests that one of its subfamilies might be be related to hippopotamids, commonly called hippos, which are alive today. 96 more words