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Of wide hips and body image

I had no clue who Iggy azalea is until today, someone on my Facebook feed mentioned how HOT she is, so naturally being the curious cat I am and because of sheer boredom I googled her, then her body measurements.

Hips Don't Lie.

And mine are screaming at me.

I’ve been running and spinning a lot more than usual, and my hips are definitely feeling the pain. To help ease the discomfort, I’ve incorporated a lot of hip work in my yoga classes this week. 419 more words


things I didn't think about

It used to be usual practice to administer prophylactic antibiotics to recipients of joint prostheses (e.g.hip replacements ) when they were undergoing any dental or periodontal care, but the practice has been discontinued since the research shows that the risk of infection is slight. 161 more words


My Hips Don't Lie

Much like Shakira’s, my hips don’t lie.

While browsing an article about how the German National Soccer Team trains, #Mannschaft #SCHLAND, I jumped to one of the links talking about different training routines that they follow. 258 more words


Moon Salutations at YogaLife Institute

Last week I went to a Wednesday night asana lab at YogaLife Institute. I’d never been there before, but I was excited about the topic of the seminar: moon salutations. 537 more words


Chronic Pain? Weakness? Tight hip flexors?

Check out this informational video on the pelvic wheel and help you understand your body better!!


Wake Up Your Posterior Chain!!!

After doing the previous 2 week challenge, you probably noticed the importance of hip positioning.  When pulling your hips in on steep ground, the muscles that make up the “posterior chain” will fire. 957 more words