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David Bailey watch out!

Quick update, but must take my iPad out of the case next time; holding that out of the way and my boobs whilst trying to press the button with one hand is tricky. 149 more words



Bum, bottom, butt, ass, booty, derriere, rear end, backside, tush, buns……….

What ever you call you bum, many of us are infatuated with it; is it too big? 796 more words


Saturday Sequence!

1. Begin in Down Dog, take 5 breaths

2. Inhale Left foot up, keeping the hips square and the shoulders strong.

3. Exhale drawing the shoulders over the wrists and the knee forward to your left elbow, slide down to left wrist, reach across to right elbow, then right wrist. 332 more words


Deeper Appreciation

Silken long dark hair,
Sensuous soft lips,
A skin so fair,
Wonderful curvy hips.

These aesthetic pleasures,
belong to you a ‘One of a kind’, 56 more words


Stretch and Relax...

After my five hour drive yesterday, I was looking forward to a good stretch. Normally, my hips and hamstrings kill after the drive. This time, they weren’t bad at all! 145 more words

Femoroacetabular Impingement

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some papers that I’ve written in graduate school. None of these shall be considered “peer-reviewed” but hopefully they are beneficial for readers. 139 more words

Athletic Training

Unlocking the Pelvis: A Hips and Hamstrings Workshop

 An interview with Vera Ginsburgs by Alane Goldberg and Kate DeRosa Howell

It is said that the hips hold our negative emotions and stress, in addition to the already burdensome task of supporting the entire weight of the torso. 958 more words