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Out with black and gold, and in with black and denim! 

Don’t get me wrong black and gold is still a classic look especially for a fancy night out, but black and denim is something else! The two colours of denim blue and black really compliment and contrast each other! 174 more words



This week I have done this hipster illustration, and went for a walk with the dog.

I did this drawing of a hipster, I decided to do the person in black and white like usual but then I did the background in colour to make it pop! 70 more words


Flowers in my hair! 

I know it’s a very summery look, but I love this flower hair band! I bought it when I was at Leeds festival and it’s so cute! 85 more words


Musical Madness, Magnificence and Manbeards

For those interested, the new writing tips video on mythology making is now finished. It’s been up since about a week ago. *cue annoying Vine music* 296 more words


"Made in Brooklyn" is Now Made in China

It seems as if the Brooklyn handcrafted, artisanal set has graduated to multinational consolidation. 213 of the borough’s most successful crafters and foodies have sold all rights to their products to Mee Soh Hah Nee, a Chinese conglomerate who bought the trademark “Made in Brooklyn” from the Chamber of Commerce this April. 284 more words


GunMaster G9 : Dad?

I won’t lie, there was a time when I really wanted to be James Bond when I grew up. Why not? James Bond lived his life fighting bad guys, saving the world on a near-daily basis. 155 more words