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Returning to Malasaña post-vacation

If you’ve already been living in Malasaña for some time you already know the rules. Deer antlers aren’t grotesque. They’re art. Heading to La Bicicleta without a MacBook incurs a 3€ surcharge. 19 more words


That Arbitrary Sharkweek Post

I’m the first to admit that 51 weeks out of the year, I am never on discovery channel so can we just take a minute to appreciate the marketing genius who invented shark week in 1987? 230 more words


“fall in love with me, not just the idea of me”


“I don’t much care for people, but I seem so often to need them”


The Development of #hautecouture

Starting the third branch of my blog, #hautecouture. These posts will be dedicated to the street style of fashion students in downtown Los Angeles, I hope you enjoy seeing what young creatives are wearing :) 78 more words