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Happiness and peacefulness,

Two things within oneself

That aren’t always together

in synchronicity.


They are imagined to be.

By: Devan Sinclair



Brain wrenching.

Heart felt.

Wonting of nothing less,

than perfect.

Must one not tire of this?

Let us enjoy the revelry of perfection,

No matter… 17 more words


“Turmoil and love,

hardships to overcome.

To live in turmoil rests in the hope of love.” – Devan Sinclair

Feats of Must-Do

Of evil is this fiend formed,

Wretched, Cruel, beaten to a pulp.

Must we go through this terrible feat?

How do we surpass its

treacherous heights? 22 more words


The Five Signs of Hipster Influenza

There is a pox upon us. Actually, this cultural mutation is a global epidemic. The hipster influenza is upon us and it shows no sign of weakening. 981 more words

James L'Etoile

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