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Hipsters: the tell-tale signs

Hipsters. We’ve all come across them. Uppity little twats with a misplaced¬†superiority complex. As genuine as three dollar bills. As interesting as a¬†2-day Financial Services seminar. 225 more words


Simple and (not so) plain

Everyone can wear a plain shirt, but It’s all about the details.


The beginning

This will be the hardest thing about this blog, the beginning. The beginning is something that is used to describe where you’re from or how you became what you are today. 292 more words


I Once Got Chris Pratt for My Birthday, What Did You Get?

Star-Lord called me on my birthday.

Yes- Peter Quill from Marvel’s “Guardians Of The Galaxy” called me on my birthday nine months before the movie came out!¬† 1,924 more words


Your Beard

People have stopped
Talking about your beard,

They’ve moved onto
Bigger things

Like business rates
And apprenticeships.

They’ve started discussing
Brownie recipes,

Mergers and acquisitions… 114 more words