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hipster food and the perception of normal

In Brooklyn’s waterfront neighborhood of Williamsburg, an old factory serves as a hotel and restaurant for the growing population of tourists wishing to explore the carefully designed shops, cafes, and farmers market the neighborhood has to offer. 623 more words

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The Colorblind Hipster; Deconstructing a Cultural Identity in Crisis

During my senior year at Temple University, I completed an honors scholar research project entitled, “The Colorblind Hipster; Deconstructing a Cultural Identity in Crisis,” with the support of my two excellent mentors, … 1,908 more words


Hipsterdom & the Power of Cool

Norman Mailer once characterized hipsters as “American existentialists, living a life surrounded by death—annihilated by atomic war or strangled by social conformity—and electing instead to “divorce themselves from society, to exist without roots, to set out on that uncharted journey into the rebellious imperatives of the self”. 529 more words