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Watch What Happens When You Interview Hipsters At Music Festivals About Artists They've Never Heard Of

I will be completely honest and tell you that a while back, I got sucked into hipster culture. I was always the first to say I knew an artist WAY before they got cool and even wore fake glasses. 374 more words

I'm Paying For My Education Along With These Incompetent Idiots

I had just finished two-and-a-half years at a community college and transferred to a “real college.” The meeting with my counselor was in late November, so the variety of classes were sparse, unique ones kicked to the curb. 896 more words

When Naughty T-shirts Happen to Good Babies

There is something inherently wrong with the world if this even exists.

I can use the exclamation FUCK! for many situations. When a zombie almost gets Daryl on The Walking Dead. 80 more words

A few things hipsters actually got right.

I am just as annoyed by the ‘Hipster movement’ as any other person who cringes at being called a hipster. And I think everyone can agree that hearing one more “well you probably haven’t heard of them” or “I liked it before it became main stream” is going to send you into an overdrive of hatred for the first person to coin the term hipster that began this horrible generational trend. 756 more words

Deep in the Heart

OR: “Six Weeks in Texas and the World’s my Oyster!” (sung to the tune of the Murray Head song)

40-something days in, some thoughts on this island Austin: 441 more words


my anti-mountain campaign

sharpie & an instagram feed full of mountain pictures


Are we tired of Vintage Hipsters yet?

This weekend I attended a Vintage Festival in my hometown. It’s an event that has been running for a few years now, spanning across two days with over 30 stalls boasting the best in vintage and custom made clothing and accessories, as well as trinket stalls, face-painting, live music and a selection of food and drink. 1,618 more words