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Adversary culture

Peak Beard” is an urban legend. This is the age of the beard.

Let it grow, let it grow
Let it blossom, let it flow…

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Concealed Carry for the Art School Inclined

For the proud new owner of the concealed carry permit, receiving it is only the beginning of a sometimes long process. You have to learn to live with a giant weight snugged against your body and to also act naturally. 698 more words


I must have missed the joke, and now it just annoys me.

I suppose this is a response to how annoying labels are. Over the weekend I saw a fairly reputable Irish news site claim to be ‘hipster’ as they brought readers attention to a fantastic goal in the Belgian first division. 674 more words

The Mind.

Interactive Post! Share your opinion with us!

Hi! This is an interactive post! Comment below with your opinion on something. Anything really. Support it with facts, an article, or with a source. It can be an unpopular opinion, or a popular one, or one that’s never talked about. 23 more words


In Defence of East London

This weekend, amongst the roast lamb, the chocolate eggs, the singing and praising in church, and the time with family, I was sent on a mission to find pritt stick. 889 more words

Downtown Camera - Toronto

My nine thousand dollar mobile photography studio would have cost me ten thousand dollars if I shopped anywhere outside of Downtown Camera.

I purchased my first digital camera here in 2006. 417 more words


You know I think I had some sort of theory forming with this latest Dustinland strip but I’m not sure what it is. You are what you drink? 161 more words