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So here I am, five weeks from Christmas, five weeks from my last day of work and three weeks past my last testing date for what was supposed to be my job for the next eight months before I dreamt I would be returning to school to finish my degree in English and Philosophy. 399 more words

Editor Keri Writes : No hope for the wicked.

Seventeen times a day
I check my emails.
Some of them
Are females.



it sucks getting rejected from every. single. job you apply for.  why is it that every single job posting online says that you need all this experience, but how the hell am i supposed to get experience if no one will hire me? 124 more words


Is it supposed to look like that?

Well well,

I’ve had a few days off work, time to re-group, although I’m not sure it worked really. I have applied for a number of jobs… um… 184 more words


Me Advert

I know I haven’t posted in a while thought I’d take the brief time I have to try and get into a situation where I have more time to do the things I love. 200 more words


What Did That Hiring Manager Say? Take an Inside Look

We’d all love to believe when our résumé and cover letter hits hiring manager’s hands rays of blissful light springs from it, and skittles candy rains down from the sky and fills the room. 335 more words

Workforce Development

The Disappointment of Job Hunting

I graduate in May and have been applying for jobs with such fervor that I find it impossible to have not gotten one call. Not one. 403 more words