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4 Hiring Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

We all make mistakes from time to time. But sometimes, some mistakes come with bigger consequences. This is especially true in the hiring process.

When employers fail to implement a thoughtful hiring process, it can lead to some costly mistakes. 330 more words

Hiring Employees

Secrets to Hiring Great Employees

It is impossible to grow a company single-handedly. Every successful entrepreneur has built their company through the help of their employees. That being said, you need to hire great employees to help you achieve your entrepreneurial dream. 294 more words

Hiring Employees

Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid

Doing well in an interview is one of the most important things you can do to win the job. In preparation for the interview, you have taken time to study the tips and tricks for answering tough questions and have read all the advice about how to get the job you want. 264 more words

Hiring Employees

Qualities You Need To Succeed in the Freelancing World

Freelancing is not for everyone. You need certain set of skills not just to land new projects, but to succeed in the freelancing world.

Since you’re going to be hired as an expert, you need the talent to do the work and a pitch that stands out in a crowd. 312 more words

Hiring Employees

Interview Questions to Help You Find the Right Candidate

Most of the time, applicants have an idea of the questions they’ll be asked during the interview. Sometimes, the questions are too predictable that the applicants have already rehearsed their answers. 295 more words

Hiring Employees

Characteristics of a Great Hourly Worker

No matter the profession, field or position, great hourly workers will always be in demand, not just for their talents and skills, but because they stand out from the crowd. 286 more words

Hiring Employees