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Staff Turnover Rate – How To Reduce Yours

Over the past couple of years, through several studies conducted by PwC and other research institutes, it has been estimated that staff turnover costs the UK private industry around £40bn+ per year. 422 more words


Twitter is reorganizing once again, and with that shift, Twitter’s lead of Analytics, Adam Kinney, and VP of Engineering, Jeremy Gordon, are moving on. No word yet on where they’re heading, but CNBC… 41 more words

The worst f'n thing you can call yourself is a "marketing expert"

I had been thinking about this for a couple of days/weeks now, so I decided to write down some thoughts about it. Doesn’t it sometimes seem like everyone on Twitter and in the general content/blogging community is trying to upsell themselves as a “marketing expert?” These are people that have blogs, podcasts, websites, books, Twitters, and spend half their time (seemingly) flying to different conferences to speak about different marketing techniques to large gatherings of able-bodied individuals. 739 more words

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Wednesday "What/Why/How" - Personalities for Business Q&A: Leading by Modeling

Q: Do I as a leader in the organization share my type with people in my organization?

A: My personal recommendation is, YES! I am huge fan of everyone learning about personality types both in themselves and in others. 188 more words

Personalities For Business

Hiring the Right People

Fly In English is about how to get better at using English. I’ve got to go a little off-topic to share with you a great way to hire the right people. 210 more words


Check credentials before hiring contractors for your home

Check credentials before hiring contractors for your home From rogue roofing contractors to heating contractors who will leave you out in the cold, home improvement schemes are in abundancMore The post Check credentials before hiring contractors for your home appeared first on Roofer Sioux Falls.com (605) 988.8900.