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How to fix Google's gender gap in 3 weeks

The U.S. tech industry is overwhelmingly male (as recent self-reported demographic data from Google and other top Internet companies confirm), especially among its highly paid technical employees. 873 more words


Don’t Get Knocked Out

Each day thousands apply to hundreds of open positions. Statistically, only about 1/3 of the people who apply to each job have the skills required in the job posting. 294 more words


Changes you can make to your SMB right now!

Changes you can make to your SMB right now!

When it comes to seeing continued success in your business, you must keep growing, changing and making improvements. 503 more words


There's something a lot more valuable you can do in college than getting good grades

When I was 17, if you asked me how I planned on getting a job in the future, I think I would have said: Get into the right college… 569 more words

Temp Professionals: An Employment Agency Ace in the Hole

Adecco is Canada’s largest employment agency, staffing both temps and permanent employees. That means that we’re keenly aware of the line many people draw between what they think a temp would do for work versus what a permanent placement would. 866 more words


How Do You Hire?

CBS News did an interview with Warren Buffet a few years ago where he talked about how he hires new employees. He said he finds ways to check on their intelligence, energy and integrity. 1,041 more words

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