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Right now, Indian business leaders are the most optimistic in the world

The magic of Modinomics may actually be real.

Less than two months after Narendra Modi took office as prime minister, Indian executives are feeling rather optimistic. 104 more words

Hiring Your Own Children

You need some summer help and you have a teen who is looking for work! Perfect. You’ll hire your daughter or son and both problems are solved. 365 more words

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Job Fair This Weekend In Raleigh

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park is opening a new location in Raleigh, NC and they are looking to fill over 60 full-time and part-time positions. Sky Zone Raleigh is slated to open next month and they are conducting on site interviews this weekend. 108 more words

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Big banks are firing traders but hiring lawyers

Fixed-income traders should perhaps consider retraining themselves as lawyers. Why? Because these are boom times for compliance officers and risk management executives at large financial institutions. 284 more words

A Short Observation on the "Hiring Crisis"

Companies will start hiring when senior managers with perspective grasp that the costs associated with a “bad hire” are exceeded by the costs of unfilled-for-long-periods job openings, specifically, overstressed employees who depart for a new and less stressful job, missed details because of the work overload, and unhappy and departing customers. 42 more words

This Week in Hots Jobs Guelph

When you read general labour market information, it’s sometimes hard to know what jobs are actually out there.

Here are some current job postings for Guelph that fit within 3 of Guelph’s major areas of labour growth: Health Wellness, Agri-Food and Advanced Manufacturing. 63 more words

How Video Interviewing Helps To Hire Top Graduates?

Typical interviewing process is time-consuming and often not that efficient. In 2011 the average cost per hire was £2964, and the traditional recruiting process takes an average of 45 days to fill a position. 497 more words

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