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The Most Important Considerations When Hiring an SEO Consulting Company for Your Business

How can you find the right SEO consulting company for your needs? The process of hiring an SEO consulting company to improve your search engine ranking should not be taken lightly. 145 more words

What are the Advantages of Hiring Someone who has Been in the US Military?

I am launching a new series based on my answer on Quora to “What are the advantages of hiring someone who has been in the US military?” which has also been published on… 380 more words


Spelling doesn't matter... except when it does.

About 15 years ago it fully dawned on me that spelling matters to some people. It always seemed like such an arbitrary thing, but I’ve come to realize that some people judge other people based on their spelling. 197 more words


Retire, Already!

My friends, associates and I are at an interesting stage of life: too young to retire but old enough to envision the workplace without us in it. 259 more words

UK - Royal Mail Hiring 19,000 Seasonal Workers for Christmas

UK postal giant Royal Mail plans to hire around 19,000 seasonal workers to help sort its Christmas mailbag.

The employer, which was privatised in late 2013, said temporary positions across a variety of shifts will be available between mid-November and early January 2015 and that the peak of the additional temporary work will be in December. 78 more words

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US - Amazon announces 80,000 seasonal jobs

Mike Roth, the vice president of North America operations, Amazon.com, said, “So far this year, we have converted more than 10,000 seasonal employees in the US into regular, full-time roles and we’re looking forward to converting thousands more across our growing network of fulfillment and sortation centers after this holiday season.”  67 more words

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Recruiters, we’re not all that bad...

Bloody recruiters hey? About as highly regarded as traffic wardens, door to door salesmen & politicians – and for good reason, there are so many bad ones out there. 624 more words