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The small band of warriors kept their distance from the beast’s fallen form. Taking the moment to catch their breath gave them the chance to watch the creature take its last movements, arrows riddling its sides with the wounds oozing yellow blood. 289 more words


The Transplant

The Transplant

by L. Stewart Marsden

Caution: this story contains mature content

Part I: Desperate times call for desperate measures

Rom drew the can close to his face and put the magnifying glass against it, moving it back and forth from the can until he could read the tiny print. 6,788 more words

Short Story

Date #8 - From Russia with hair

Carefully thought-out poses of her skiing, snorkelling, cycling and dancing showed a young, attractive woman actively enjoying life. Curiously she was Russian, a Buddhist and claimed to play rugby. 826 more words


In Pursuit of Being Less Hirsute

I must have been only 11 or 12 when I first remember being aware that I had a dark hair or two growing from my chin, and knowing this was unacceptable. 875 more words