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Not-Adopted Dummy Child

Was gonna put something in Tupperware, when Dad suggested I just wrap it in foil.

Good idea!
DAD: Dummy…
ME: Did you just call me a DUMMY?!

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My Dog Ate My ___________ (Part 3 - The Finale)

If you want a glimpse of the back story, check out Part One and Part Two before you go on reading this mother of all finales… 1,539 more words


My Dog Ate My ___________ (Part 2)

If you haven’t already, check out Part One first.

If you’ve already read Part One, you would know that Choco Pie has quite the reputation as a sweet, mild-mannered dog.

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My Dog Ate My _____________

“My dog ate my homework.”

It’s the most commonly used excuse that no one ever actually uses. I never really understood why my childhood teachers always used this example – probably because I didn’t really have any pets in elementary school save for the odd goldfish Bro Cat and I won at carnivals and whatnot and a random dog (complete with dog house) named Bear that appeared in my backyard one day and disappeared a few days later.

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It's Because She's Asian. And a Girl.

Hi, my name is Notorious C.A.T., and I’m a walking stereotype.

I’m female. I’m Asian. And I’m a really shitty driver.

Actually, that last part’s not quite a hundred percent true. 497 more words


One + One = ZERO

The Notorious C.A.T. doesn’t have a lot of love for fast food – but she’s got a major soft spot for Yoshinoya.

I don’t know what it is about that steaming bowl of Grade F- beef plopped on top of a bed of not-so-fluffy white rice…but my mouth is watering just  1,270 more words