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“Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.”

 -Ambrose Bierce

Anger does not produce steam coming out of your ears as we have seen happen to cartoon characters, but this emotion can affect us in many ways.   192 more words

Blogging From A To Z Challenge 2014

Terrible Tantrums

Today I’ve had around three tantrums, three. I’m 20 and I’m still having tantrums. The worst thing about having tantrums at 20 is that you know you’re being ridiculous and childish and slightly insane but still having a tantrum is fucking amazing. 333 more words

and the Oscar goes to...

…ME!  Reason; Whilst my daughter had one of her best Monday morning hissy fits to date, I, with my head full of other very important stuff, did my best acting role to date by remaining calm and collected throughout. 22 more words