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Normal Probability Distributions and Standard Deviation

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Lind, D., & Marchal, W. (2008). Statistical techniques in business & economics (13th ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill/Irwin. 7 more words

Explain It Quick

Statistics: Interpretating and Presenting

Statistics refers to the use of data analysis to solve management problems for effective decision making supported by the conclusions drawn from empirical evidence. In Statistics, we must collect and organize the data, summarize and analyze the results, in order to interpret and present the numerical data. 802 more words


Paper White

I have seen quite a few prints recently where “paper white” is showing. By this I mean an area of pure white, either overexposed or badly edited to the detriment of the image, so that when printed nothing is rendered leaving white paper showing through. 133 more words

Photography Tips

Digital Zone System

This article is very informative.  Push forward while reading it. The beginning of the article is more historical where the author talks about the zone system and film, but he also quickly gets down to the digital zone system as he calls it and has great info on the use of the histogram and color space.

Digital Zone System.


ETTR (Expose to the right)

A recent forum post on the subject of “exposing to the right” attracted much comment and sparked my short article on the subject.

My photography started almost 60 years ago (no I’m not past it yet but definitely nearing my sell by date). 358 more words

Photography Tips

Week 2 - Camera Raw

Week 2’s seminar focused on using camera raw and raw capture.

Things that can’t be fixed with photoshop

  • framing
  • focus
  • file format (if you shoot in JPEG you can’t change to RAW)
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Week 4 - Colour Management

Saving files is an essential process that every photographer needs to know. There are two types of methods, saving for web and for print. Whatever method you use, it is best to protect your main ‘master’ photography file by employing non-destructive editing techniques such as using layer masks instead of deleting pixels. 587 more words