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An In-Depth Recreation of "The Walking Dead" Opening Titles

Credit for this showcase goes to Phil Strahl, at tutsplus.com.  This is a great tutorial that includes information on how to re-color your film, fonts that look good for the credits, even how to get the lens and panning effects used in the original show. 86 more words


Fun examples of round number bias

Yesterday was a comparatively big day for round number bias.

If you are unfamiliar with this idea, Economist’s View describes round number bias as “the human tendency to pay special attention to numbers that are “round” in some way.” 266 more words

Project 1: The Instrument: Camera Histograms

A histogram is defined as a graphical representation of the distribution of data.

Ken Rockwell defines the histogram in digital photography as a graph counting how many pixels are at each level between black and white.  158 more words

Research & Reflection


One of the things you have to learn first about photography is what does exposure means, and how do we get a good exposure on a picture, as we’re supposed to take properly exposed photographs. 495 more words


Reading a Histogram

Today we’re going to be talking about histograms, how to read them, and why it’s important.

In photography, histograms show the distribution of the intensity of light in an image. 523 more words


DataViz as Music: Pianogram

When I played mallet percussion back in high school, I played Flight of the Bumble Bee on our Xylophone for a regional competition and won a second place finish. 81 more words

Data Visualization