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Exercise 1.1

Exercise 1.1  set up at 11.07am

Shows how a DSLR camera has extraordinary sensitivity as a measuring device.  I put my camera on a tripod outside and took 3 consecutive shots on program mode of the exact same scene. 130 more words

Exercise 1.1

Uji Normalitas dengan Grafik Histogram dan P-Plot SPSS

Uji Normalitas dengan Grafik Histogram dan P-Plot SPSS. Ada banyak cara yang bisa dilakukan untuk mengetahui apakah sebuah data distribusi yang normal atau tidak untuk model asumsi regresinya. 462 more words


Project 1, exercise 1.1

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I haven’t shot on auto mode for years and found it more restrictive than liberating.  It’s interesting to see the camera decide where to focus and what the shutter speed should be.   88 more words


How to build a histogram in T-SQL

Talk to SQL Server developers or DBAs about histograms, and they’ll inevitably think of index statistics. However, a task you may encounter some day is to calculate the distribution of numbers in a table. 1,688 more words



X.X Sampling

I have thrown this topic here because I am not very sure where it fits. So what is sampling?

Imagine we want to study the effect of the introduction of new parking rates on the taxi business in Nairobi. 1,950 more words

Introductory Statistics

Showcases of graphs using Stata

From : Survey Design and Analysis Services (http://www.survey-design.com.au/index.html)

Below are some Stata graphs. These are presented as they have used Stata in some interesting ways. 49 more words

Exploratory Data Analysis

using GIMP to edit the contrast and brightness of images

I recently did a photography gig for one of my friend’s band. The stage had limited lighting and I didn’t have any lighting equipment for the show, and with no time to prepare I had to test out different ISO, shutter speed and aperture sizes to get the effect I wanted. 425 more words