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Crossing a histogram and piano keys to show note distribution of songs.



Using ImagePlot to quickly and efficiently graph and process millions of images

Nathan Yau’s book, Data Points, ┬áhas motivated me to write at least one other post. He introduces several libraries for processing and visualizing data… 246 more words


Median Filter for html5/js

Median Filter – my implementation for html5/canvas and javascript.

The naive approach is to collect all the pixels from the surrounding area, sort them, and return the middle, median, value. 380 more words


Printing git commit histogram

For some days, I was thinking how many LOCs I am writing at my workplace. We use Git to maintain the source code. So, I came up with a solution using shell script to get a raw data of lines added and deleted to the repo per day for given period. 607 more words

Histogram is Nothing

There are many articles out in the web which explains Histogram in detail and technically as well. But this article is intended to demonstrate histogram in a simple way without going into in-depth technical details. 346 more words