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Univariate, Bivariate and Multivariate Datasets

In the earlier post, I avoided using the term “variable” to keep you out of confusion until I explained what is meant by the term… 250 more words


Kernel density estimates

In the senior thesis writing course, I suggested to the class that they replace the histograms that several students were using with kernel density estimates… 873 more words

Project 1 - The Instrument -Exercise 1.1 Histogram

A very simple exercise to show how the histogram illustrates the camera reading light differently. With a consistent set up of the camera, whether in Auto or Manual mode, and without altering settings or framing, the Histogram will show that the camera’s sensor picks up and reads light differently with each frame exposed. 50 more words


Lazy or...

The holiday over Christmas and the new year has made me lazy. Or, more accurately, I’ve allowed myself to revert back to finding more important… 582 more words


How Histograms Help Snowy Shots

A histogram is a graph of the exposure of each image and can help you determine if images are over or underexposed.  The ‘true black’ is illustrated at the far left of the graph and ‘true white’ is found on the far right. 141 more words


Histograms are used to determine whether a picture is over- or underexposed but should not replace looking at your image on the LCD after shooting. They merely provide additional information. 132 more words


An In-Depth Recreation of "The Walking Dead" Opening Titles

Credit for this showcase goes to Phil Strahl, at tutsplus.com.  This is a great tutorial that includes information on how to re-color your film, fonts that look good for the credits, even how to get the lens and panning effects used in the original show. 86 more words