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How Old is History?

At first glance, this might seem to be an odd question.  How old is history?  What does that even mean?  No, I’m not actually asking the age of history as a profession, but rather, how old does an event or object need to be before it can be considered historical?   502 more words

Sexual Histories, Scholarly Communities: A Dispatch from the John D’Emilio Symposium

By Ian Darnell

On September 12, the Gender and Women’s Studies Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) held a symposium to honor the career of Professor Emeritus John D’Emilio. 1,295 more words

History Of Sexuality

A Call to Action !

Practically Historical needs your help… to combat lazy history.  Lazy history is that narrative which is easily digestible.  Widely accepted, palatable, easily taught, politically correct, progressively biased, economically skewed– the list goes on, all describe… 259 more words


Looking back at a historian looking forward

I had reason today to winkle out a reference drawing parallels between convictism and slavery.  It wasn’t difficult: several historians have written on the topic, and one of them was K. 991 more words


Historians Being Mean: A Glossary

Historians Being Mean : A Glossary

Last night, while I was prepping for the seminar I teach on historiography, I realized that one of the reasons we teach historiography is to give students a basic vocabulary with which to critique historical research and writing. 1,215 more words


What Steve Earle can teach us about the Annales school of historiography

I’m teaching a course on Historiography this semester.  This week, we’re dealing with the Annales school of history, as  a sort of background before we read Marc Bloch’s  … 534 more words