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The future of searchable sound is here and it's called PopUp Archive

This is the amazing work of two exceptional young women

Pop Up Archive makes sound searchable using cutting edge speech-to-text technology…”: tagged, indexed and transcribed.

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Fast Forward

Believe It: Finding Religion in the History of U.S. Sexuality

By Rebecca Davis, Gillian Frank, Bethany Moreton and Heather White

For close to a decade, the eminent U.S. historian John D’Emilio has performed an important scholarly service by urging the fields he helped establish—LGBT history and the history of sexuality—to devote more attention to religious themes and actors. 3,820 more words

History Of Sexuality

'When it Rains' by Maggie Mackellar

2010, 223 p

Right at the end of this book the author, Maggie Mackellar, tells us what she has set out to do:

At times I feel like a voyeur in my own life. 

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Book Reviews

The Over Eager Student Historian (a.k.a Me)

My senior seminar has been a struggle.

Why? Because being a historian is hard work. Historians ask questions about history so as to better understand the state of the world in previous eras and, by extension, the human condition. 885 more words


Historians and Material Culture

What do you think about when you see this image?

China. Flowers. Pretty. Looks expensive. Or, if you know your porcelain, you may have immediately thought ‘Sevres!’, in which case ‘expensive’ hardly cuts it. 637 more words

Reasons to Love History #9: Like-Minded Individuals

I’m having one of those weeks where I just can’t find anything or remember anything. Did I have a draft of this post from three months ago? 269 more words


The 80th Annual Meeting of the Southern Historical Association

This weekend in Atlanta, the city “too busy to hate,” there will be a meeting of the Southern Historical Association. Men and women, professors and graduate students will attend to learn about the latest scholarship on the American South, buy the latest books in the field, and visit with old (and new) friends. 116 more words

American South