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Strategic Assessment at Historic House Museums and Sites

When I first approach a historic site or house museum, I want to know all about its position in the market it finds itself in. I look at the four elements that are the cornerstones of strategic analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats . 213 more words

Historic House Museum

The Cape Medical Museum

The thing about researching and working on difficult heritage is that it is difficult for a reason. Part of why I planned such a lengthy research trip to South Africa was that I knew I’d be confronting a lot of serious, emotional topics and sites, and I wanted to have time in between these more intense experiences to recover. 589 more words

Developing Historic Sites

The development of a historic house museum is a delicate balance between art and science.  Bringing interest to the viewer is the “art” side of the equation and extolling accurate facts of the site is the science of the equation. 121 more words

Historic House Museum