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"A Promising Future": Jack of Spies, by David Downing

Review: Jack of Spies, by David Downing
Soho, 2014. 338 pp. $28

“The automobile business,” muses Jack McColl, the engaging British protagonist of this excellent thriller, “was not what it had been even two years before. 640 more words

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Exodus: Gods and Kings

This morning as I was reading the latest post on the Egypt at Manchester blog, I came across interesting observations on Ridley Scott’s extravagant Egyptian production, … 152 more words


Well Here's Another Fine Mess I’ve Gotten Into*

I have been trying to edit my manuscript and get it in the best shape possible. There are typos and redundancies and places that need a bit more pep. 507 more words


Ancient language doth not work

I’ve just finished my novella/short story, Once Upon a Midnight, which has a section set in Elizabethan times. I wanted, as usual, to be as accurate as possible, and set about researching the exact speech of those times and inserting it into my manuscript. 105 more words

Anachronisms: Love 'em or hate 'em?

Ah, anachronisms! A powerful rhetorical tool when used effectively, a fascinating rhetorical indicator species when used by accident. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say on the subject: 265 more words

Rhetoric And Semiotics

Have you made a cake of yourself??

There’s a phrase I come across fairly often in my reading of books set in 19th century or early 20th century England. A person will say he has “made a cake of himself.” Or… “She really made a cake of herself.” 297 more words