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Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving. A day when people eat so much they should be thankful they are alive. Draco celebrates by watching Macy’s parade. Draco generally doesn’t enjoy parades but Macy’s does it. 34 more words


Media Thoughts: "Keep Reading Past the Llamas"

Keep Reading Past the Llamas

Yes this post has a funny title. That is because those were the words in an email Mildred of Horrorible Reviews… 159 more words

Media Thoughts

Throwback Trailer: Mutiny on the Bounty (1935)

Fletcher Christian successfully leads a revolt against the ruthless Captain Bligh on the HMS Bounty. However, Bligh returns one year later, hell bent on avenging his captors.

Throwback Trailer

Saving History

Film, movies, and television are a huge part of our lives especially in the media orientated world that we live in today. Bias and persuasion are scattered throughout everything that we see in movies yet sometimes we as the audience are unable to differentiate between the fact and fiction. 1,439 more words

Historical Accuracy

Week 4 – Virtual Historical Worlds

Non-textual data is always difficult to present to an audience. Particularly with virtual worlds, historical interpretations of buildings, people and past events can be misconstrued. This arguably depends on the purpose and use of the virtual worlds, as most of them are designed to be entertaining for the user or to be used as a tool of learning. 346 more words

Aristotle, "The Lagoon," and Historical Accuracy.

“Armand Marie Leroi has his first encounter with Aristotle’s greatest achievement: Historia animalium.”

Armand Marie Leroi in his “The Lagoon” writes how Aristotle invented modern science… in Latin? 176 more words

Thinking Like The Ancients