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Alternate Historical Accuracy

Writing a post over on Evil Toad Press about historical accuracy in genre fiction got me thinking: when it comes to historical accuracy in my own writing, I tend to research what’s accurate in any relevant, given time or society for the sole purpose of deviating from it.   438 more words


D.B. Jackson on Historical Accuracy

Historical accuracy can be a tricky subject for writers, particularly when it comes time to choose between what’s historically accurate and what makes the story better.   677 more words


Cookin' the beans

When you’re writing historical fiction, romantic or otherwise, you need to be as true to the times as you can. Obviously it’s not possible to get every detail correct–you didn’t live back then. 142 more words


Crusader Kings and Historical Accuracy

I love me a good strategy game from time to time, and to my mind Crusader Kings II might be one of the best. For those of you who haven’t played it, CKII is a hyper-realistic medieval grand strategy game, in which you play a series of characters in a medieval dynasty starting from as early as 1066 (or even earlier with the Old Gods expansion) and running for some 300 years, at which point the timeline is taken over by Europa Universalis, the next in Paradox Interactive’s grand strategy pantheon. 939 more words


Caesar on the aurochs

By C.J. Caesar, with Gordon Rugg

Here’s Caesar writing about wildlife again. By way of a change, this description isn’t particularly weird – there are no elks without knee joints, and no unicorns. 683 more words


The Historicity of the Book of Mark

Some people believe that the gospels were not written until centuries after the life of Christ, and are handed down from oral tradition and myth, and therefore grossly over exaggerate Jesus’s ministry and claims, and made up that he was resurrected at all. 1,382 more words

Historical Accuracy