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Historical Facts in Historical Fiction

You know they are out there. Those pesky Hollywood movies that have a way of twisting historical fact to suit the script. Perhaps the biggest faux pas is Braveheart. 476 more words

Adventure Of Writing

Mississippi: Kinda Ironic?

My grandfather who was a Jicarilla Apache always said there was someone hiding in the wood pile…..he was referring to me and my blue eyes…he was joking because he knew my father was mostly white….but he enjoyed messing with me…..outta love. 391 more words


Fun Historical Facts About London Coffee Culture You Probably Didn't Know

Would you ever guess that coffee became popular in Great Britain before tea and it remained that way until a century later? Can you imagine person’s sanity to be assessed by customers of a café? 644 more words


Time Traveler's guide to Christmas: Oh Christmas Tree....

Music to accompany your holiday journey: http://timeslipsblog.wordpress.com/2014/12/16/musical-inspiration-christmas-music/

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Before we continue our journey back to the Saxons and Vikings, let’s take a break and try to answer the question of when and where you should or should not go if you are hoping to find a celebration that includes some version of a Christmas tree? 3,351 more words


500 years of history in 3 minutes

Because we’re all about history here and traveling through time to experience it, I want to share this incredible view of women through the ages.  A trip through time through the faces of women in art over 500 years merge together in this 3 minutes! 48 more words