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Scotland's vote for independance

The country of Scotland goes to the polls today to vote on the future of their country. It will be one of the most  difficult decisions that any of them will ever make. 676 more words

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The medieval period

The medieval period
The medieval period was a period of time in England from 492 to 1102 AD. This is the period of time when there were knights, dragons and all of forms of magical beings. 849 more words

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27 maps that explain the crisis in Iraq | vox.com

I have had people tell me that they just cannot grasp what the Hell is going in Iraq,¬† short of ISIS killing people and taking land…… 49 more words

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Saharan remains may be evidence of first race war, 13,000 years ago

My final day of calm……after witnessing the occurrences in Ferguson I realize that the race issue in the US still has not been resolved.¬† Race has been an issue in the US for decades and we still have not resolved the problem………even though the conversation is not happening and then ask how long can this go on? 35 more words


Outlander: Why is their Rhenish wine not white?!

Previous Outlander post: http://timeslipsblog.wordpress.com/2014/08/24/outlander-update-episode-3-no-way-out/

In my previous Outlander post, I mentioned my personal confusion as to why the Rhenish Wine was a Red or Rose and not a white variety that I am so fond of and familiar with? 2,279 more words

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It's Those Damn "Outside Agitators"!

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:

How many times will the trooper in charge run up to the closest microphone and decry about those outside agitators? 466 more words