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In Which I am a Historian, Part 2

Last year, another writer called me a “Historian”.  You can visit J’aime Rubio’s investigative blog by clicking on the link.

I.  Like.  It.

This past March, Sugar and I went to Dahlonega, Georgia, on a William Starr Basinger pilgrimage. 35 more words

Historical Issues

Because the Blog is My Scrapbook

Even though I live in a 31′ RV, I still have a lot of stuff.  Occasionally, I’ll have a little look-see at the stuff that is accumulating, in spite of my self-imposed rule:  Nothing else can come in until something goes out. 124 more words

Historical Issues

Five Years! And an Obituary for Robert Neighbors

Robert Neighbors married Agnes Mann, but not the Agnes Mann I’ve been talking about.  This Agnes is a granddaughter of the original Agnes Mann of Baden, Germany, and Beaufort, South Carolina. 115 more words

Historical Issues

Backing Up My Truck

I need to back up my truck a little bit.

Sugar and I are going in so many directions at once with all the leads and connections to the Mann family from Baden, Germany, and Beaufort, South Carolina, which also connects with the Bateson family of Lancashire, England, and Savannah, Georgia. 123 more words

Historical Issues

A New Chapter in a History Book

I’m about to start a new chapter in my life’s history book.  You see, I have been blogging for 5 years using a free blog platform here at WordPress, and I have almost used up my free space.   194 more words

Historical Issues

A Day About Beaufort

It’s not often I get a day with my best girl. We made a day out and about in Beaufort.  A day of making memories. 327 more words

Historical Issues