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The Copper Scroll

The Copper Scroll raises some interesting questions about the Qumran community, one of which is the dates at which the community was active. The scroll is basically a description of gold and silver that is hidden away in various places. 472 more words


Frederick Schmidt Critiques Marcus Borg

Marcus Borg has made inroads into popular mainline Protestantism in a way that few other writers have in recent decades. I remember when Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time  329 more words

Intellectual Virtue

The Antioch Incident and It's Perplexing Questions

One of the things that I am generally displeased about when it comes to the study of Paul is how some pro-Paul scholars investigate the Antioch Incident (Galatians 2:11-14/19). 1,031 more words


SkepSun #101 (07_27_2014)

On Freethought Radio, Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor talk about FFRF’s victory with the IRS, an agreement that they will begin to follow their own policy of enforcing restrictions on political activity by tax-exempt religious organizations and churches and announce their newest lawsuit, filed with the ACLU and Americans United, against a Michigan city that is censoring atheist speech. 148 more words

Yesterday I Spent the Evening With Muslims; But I wondered about Jesus

Yesterday I spent the evening with Muslims as they had their daily break in the Ramadan Fast. It did much to reinforce my belief that Islam is perhaps the best of all civilizations. 754 more words

Factional Conflict

The Horror of the Smashed Cross

I have heard reports (which need to be verified) that ISIS is persecuting the Christian minority of Mosul, and that a local church was acquisitioned by force, after which the crosses were smashed. 265 more words

Factional Conflict

Reader Q&A: How to Prove Jesus Was a Real Person?

A reader asks:

You may be aware of a recent lawsuit filed in a European court by an Italian atheist against the Catholic Church accusing them of perpetuating a myth in claiming that Jesus actually lived.

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