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Palm Sunday as Street Theatre

Was Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday a form of street theatre? Some biblical scholars think so. After his phenomenally successful campaign in Galilee, Jesus made the fateful but calculated decision to travel to Jerusalem to confront the religious and political elites in that ancient temple city. 679 more words


Tolkien and C.S. Lewis On the Historicity of Jesus

From a letter to his son Michael on 1 November 1963, Tolkien says:

If He is a fraud and the Gospels fraudulent – that is: garbled accounts of a demented megalomaniac (which is the only alternative), then of course the spectacle exhibited by the Church (in the sense of clergy) in history and today is simply evidence of a gigantic fraud.

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Jesus' Last Supper was a Seder: A Response to Prof. J. Klawans —J. Garcia

This BAR once again posted J. Klawan’s “Was Jesus’ Last Supper a Seder?” This was the response posted some time back. Enojoy!

Passover will be celebrated at sundown, and in l… 1,684 more words

Second Temple Period

Monday State of the Blog(ger)

I’m doin’ pretty great. All my Speakeasy reviews are done! Just have to finish a book borrowed from a friend, then I can get myself back into my reading list for the year. 257 more words

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The Bodily Resurrection of Christ: It’s importance for the Christian faith

Michael J. Reyes




            What would you consider to be the most important doctrine of the Christian faith? No matter one’s answer, there is only one thing that must be for certain, the… 20,541 more words


The Gospel of Jesus' Wife

The following is an updated version of a Facebook note I wrote in September of 2012.  As this issue is once again hitting the media, I thought it important to republish this: 62 more words

Historical Jesus

Who Is Jesus? (Is the Historical Jesus the Jesus of Faith?)

Who is Jesus? You do not need to go too far in a bookstore to see that there are many people asking this very question, or perhaps we should say there are many willing to offer their opinions. 1,514 more words