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August Nimtz - The Marxist Basis of Lenin's Electoral Strategy

August Nimtz “‘The Ballot’ and/or ‘the Streets’: The Marxist Basis of Lenin’s Electoral Strategy” – A Report on a Book Project Historical Materialism Conference 2012… 241 more words

Article by professor of philosophy Zhang Xiuqin (张秀琴) on New Cultural History, historical materialism and the relevance of Marxism for history




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  无论是在 20 世纪中期的社会史书写,还是在 20 世纪 80 年代以来的新文化史叙事中,马克思主义无疑都是极其重要的书写范式,而它得以发挥这一作用的支撑或工具,则是历史唯物主义。在前者中,历史唯物主义的书写范式直接被指称为“社会和历史理论”;而在后者中,则被威廉斯等人界定为“文化唯物主义”。

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Philosopher Shan Jigang (单继刚) on a debate concerning historical materialism involving Chen Duxiu, Hu Shi, Zhang Junmai and Liang Qichao




关键词:唯物史观 陈独秀 胡适 张君劢 梁启超



See http://www.philosophy.org.cn/Subject_info.aspx?n=20120504091123640858.

Academic Analysis

Education, the professions, and a lousy compromise

The world’s oldest profession is – contrary to the popular saying – the scribe.  The scribe arose together with the rise of written language and number in antiquity, because reading, writing and counting were such difficult and complicated skills, it took a lifetime dedicated to learning in order to master them. 2,347 more words

Capitalist State

Shit Does Not Just Happen: an introduction to historical materialism

Søren Goard introduces the materialist conception of history, a theory first developed by Karl Marx, and explains how it can be used to understand recent events such as the uprising in Bosnia and the London riots of 2011. 92 more words


Historical Materialism

A young woman living in the town of Chełm had a very strange occurrence. One morning, after buttering a piece of bread she accidentally dropped it on the floor. 116 more words


Robert Burns the revolutionary - and Harry Holland

In the nineteenth century, as the wars to dispossess the Maori of their land got under way in New Zealand, on the opposite side of the globe another violent act of land dispossession was coming to an end. 1,471 more words

Working Class History