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A Maori Matriarchy?

Part Two of “Once Were Communists,” a series of four articles by Terry Coggan

If we take the society of the Iroquois Indians of North America studied by Lewis Morgan, as at roughly the same level of development as that of pre-contact Maori, as see the “gens” or “clan” of the Iroquois as an equivalent kinship grouping to the Maori hapu, we can see in Engels’ description of Iroquois society in… 2,835 more words

Working Class History

Walter Benjamin's Arcades Project, Progress, and Historical Materialism

Word Count: 1886

The Arcades Project, Progress, and Historical Materialism


Benjamin began working on the Arcades Project in 1927 and continued to do so until his death in 1940. 1,880 more words

Critical Theory

Once Were Communists – Part One: The first communism

Note from James Robb: The next four posts in this blog will be a series of articles on primitive communism in New Zealand by Terry Coggan, a longtime member of the communist movement. 3,486 more words

Working Class History

Historical Materialism 2014: Migration, the Labour Market and Social Reproduction

The second of three articles by UNITE union activist Ian Allinson, reporting from four very useful sessions[1] on learning the North American Labour movement at this year’s Historical Materialism conference. 1,466 more words


7 Books, or a Benjamin-ian romp through the library

Walter Benjamin’s “Theses on the Philosophy of History” remain one of the lynchpins of my understanding of the relationship between the world of spirit and the world of historical reality. 1,123 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas

Historical Materialism 2014: Marxist-feminist challenges to neoliberalism

Lois JC reports on the session entitled “Marxist-feminist challenges to neoliberalism” that took place at the London Historical Materialism 2014 conference earlier this month, with Hester Eisenstein, Estelle Cooch and Catherine Rottenberg. 1,196 more words