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When Emissions Disappear, So Do Jobs

Jobs are good. A decent standard of living is good. Both generate emissions. Let’s get over it.

I’ve written a new column for the Frontier Centre for Public Policy… 1,011 more words

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Great Depression vs Great Recession

James Grant, publisher of The Grant’s Interest Rate Observer appeared on CNBC recently discussing his new book The Forgotten Depression : 1921: The Depression That Cured Itself. 42 more words

Financial Markets

Rule #1 in a Relationship : Act Like a FBI

Act like a FBI will be too exaggerating. But I found it’s true. Before you step further, please please please stop and search for his background first. 800 more words

Love Story

What the Inventors of Our Leading Indicators Actually Meant -- Recommended Reading

Karabell, ZacharyThe Leading Indicators: A Short History of the Numbers That Rule Our World. 2007, New York: Simon & Schuster.  

One of the fundamental agreements most of us have unconsciously accepted has a major impact on the decisions we make everyday, from the very mundane to the global: the way we measure success as a nation and as a global community.   354 more words

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And We Let These People Vote...

… but they don’t do it.  As you may have seen, it was widely reported that voter turnout for the election last week was the lowest since 1942, when the population may have been preoccupied by other matters. 788 more words

99 Word Flash fiction: Muses, Plato and waffle

I am struggling and I mean struggling with a capital S with the writing of the methodology chapter for my thesis.I don’t know how on earth I can write something that makes sense, when I understand little of what anybody else writes.   526 more words

Irene Waters

Did You Know? - On Slavery

The Civil Law of Israel
Exodus 21-24
Bible Study Fellowship Notes, Lesson 9