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Mirror Year: How Old Are You Really?

Age is just a number we are often told! Here is an interesting article from Chris Lowry published in History Today

Life is short, but not that short. 174 more words

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In Search Of Evil

Please forgive me while I muse out loud about the nature of evil.  This piece is not meant to be about, for, or against, any particular religious view.   884 more words

Balancing Church History (for Mormons)

I’ll take a step back from Benjamin Lynn today to look at the bigger picture of how we modern people can look at sometimes uncomfortable LDS Church history and still be respectful of the Church, the truth, and all the people involved, even if those people were less than respectful of each other. 303 more words

Historical Perspective

Saving Civilization: 2009 vs 2015

Five years ago, we were told that the 2009 Copenhagen climate summit was the last chance to save civilization. As the 2015 Paris summit approaches, the same sort of fear mongering is ramping up. 185 more words

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September read

For September we read the sequel to the August read – Laurie Lee’s A Moment of War. Since it is a short book we thought we’d try something new – add another book on the same subject, in this case George Orwell’s… 159 more words

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Perspective. Focus. Calm.

                Ever been fighting a gut-wrenching battle only to discover that there was no objective? How about working on a project for school that you thought was absolutely pointless? 629 more words

The WMO's Macabre Climate Fiction

Rather than persuading us with reason and logic, the World Meteorological Organization is making stuff up.

As the Reuters news service reported yesterday, the United Nations has launched a new public relations campaign. 900 more words

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