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Q's cool structure of the day - Pantheon

The Pantheon is an old structure – not nearly as aged as the Pyramids, but definitely older than most world wide. It is a dome structure made from pozzalan concrete, first commissioned by Marcus Agrippa in the first century, rebuilt in it’s current form by Hadrian around 126. 258 more words


SW National Parks Trip: Casa Rinconada

After Chetro Ketl, I made my way back to the car to warm-up a little, and Jon and I drove over to Casa Rinconada.  Casa Rinconada is a village site at Chaco Culture National Historical Park, in contrast to the Great Houses that were constructed during the same time period.  411 more words

SW National Parks Trip: Chetro Ketl and the Petroglyphs

In my last post, I described our visit to the Hungo Pavi and Pueblo Bonito sites at Chaco Culture, as well as the tiny cemetery where Richard Wetherill is buried.  821 more words

SW National Parks Trips: Great Houses at Chaco Culture

In my last post, I explained just how brutal the road to Chaco Culture is…  But once you are there, the sites are very accessible.  Chaco Culture has six major sites on a nine mile stretch of road through the park. 837 more words

Around the Corner

There’s the remainder of a plantation around the corner, Wynne Russell House.

The fireplace was built by slaves.

Tours are free.

Photos: MsThorns


Petra Photographs

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Petra II

I learned a lot of things this day. Il-ham is one of the most conversational people ever, and not in the annoying small talk kind of way. 823 more words