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The Long Nineteenth Century (1789-1914)

I’d like to discuss a concept this week which some of my readers might be familiar with. This is the concept of the “long 19th century… 603 more words


mind the gap

“This ontological “now” precedes the historical gap that the historian’s methods both assume and posit between the “there-and-then” and the “here-and-now”. Thus what underlies our capacity to historicize is our capacity not to. 383 more words

Historical Theory

this mythic and poetic space of being

David Harvey describes the pre-enlightenment organization of space and time in feudal Europe as the time-space continuum within which modernity compressed representations and experiences of being. 277 more words

Historical Theory

On Pierre Bourdieu

I was fascinated by much of what Pierre Bourdieu wrote in his Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste. It was an astute observation that he made in recognizing that artistic or cultural taste is a product of upbringing and education. 403 more words

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Improving Livius.org

The study of history is not just a story based on sources. A scholar is able to explain why he does what he does; awareness of methodological problems is the difference between a professional and a dilettante. 212 more words