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DNA: Life’s blueprint.

Today is the birthday of Rosalind Franklin, whose pioneering work on X-ray diffraction of DNA was crucial in determining its structure.

What is it?

DNA is the pieces of code we receive from our parents that make us all unique, life’s master plan or blueprint, the molecules that contain information necessary to make up a living being… 245 more words

Biological Structures

The Three Fucketeers - Chapter 5

Great BDSM Erotica books from Emily Wendling
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The stories are purely fictitious and are for entertainment purposes only. 3,622 more words

Vaginal Sex

Apprentices - a Shrovetide Poem

Apprentices ran through the streets
To-night outside the manor gate;
While, tasting of our French defeat,
Encircled cockerels, at the stake,
Absorbed the blows of sticks and stones, 106 more words


The Prince…The virgin…..and the Hare

Saint. Melangell’s Church, Pannant Melangell, Berwyn’s, North Wales.

There is a true story, that sounds a little like magic that dates back to the 7th Century.  It is a long story with several variants in translation….so here is my abridged version. 365 more words


The Aviator - 4.5 stars

Martin Scorsese’s critically acclaimed biopic of the young-to-middle age Howard Hughes (Leonardo DiCaprio) has much to recommend it. It was the first role that established DiCaprio as a force, and in inhabiting the kinetic, driven and tortured character of Hughes, he was able to shuck off the callowness of his characters in… 310 more words


{Book Review} Of moors and horses and English Lords ...

It seems that whenever I start a review of a historical romance these days, all I want to say is how lovely the story was. Because they all seem to be. 598 more words