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Dinner Topics Newsletter: Kindness

February 2015 Dinner Topics Newsletter: Kindness

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Epicworld Dinner Topics!

Another month—even another year!—has flown by. February is the month when we traditionally turn to matters of the heart, so our theme is kindness.

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Dinner Topics

Sending a Message by Dressing in Black

When the curators at the Metropolitan Museum of Art were researching collections for last year’s Impressionism-fashion show, they noticed something curious – a disproportionate number of luxurious 19th century American dresses in black. 583 more words


Timeglass Journal – Subject Forum: Migration of Souls

Timeglass Journal – Subject Forum: Migration of Souls

This subject involves a special kind of reincarnation:

  1. The soul is born within the spiritual universe – heaven.
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Science Fiction

Whitewashed History in Pleasantville

Gary Ross’s 1998 Pleasantville has a singular narrative purpose: to reveal that American nostalgia for the stifling, idealized small town presented in 1950s television shows is a dangerous fantasy. 575 more words

Film Reviews

Mammoth hunting in Nevada

I hope the title of my article does not prompt some local nimrods to apply to the Nevada Department of Wildlife for a mammoth tag. On the other hand, I can tell you with some authority that at one time, mammoth and other giant animals left over from the Pleistocene Age were hunted and eaten by some of the earliest hunters to enter the areas around the Great Basin. 1,048 more words


Cupar Old: six hundred years

I’ve another wee book coming out soon, this time the story of Cupar Old Parish Church in Fife, which this year celebrates its 600th anniversary. 195 more words


WP Photo Challenge: Depth

Many sights from our day trip to Toronto’s ROM ~ Royal Ontario Museum depicted depth. But the most overwhelming sense of depth came from the experience.  107 more words