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Salvation – what is it?

We need to understand as fully as possible what God has done for His children when He brought them into His family, they were ‘born again’ John 3:4, they were ‘born of God’, 1John 4:7. 1,064 more words


Ten tips for new teachers, three for new history teachers, and two targets for me

If you want my advice – which you probably don’t, either because you’re a first year teacher who thinks you know it all, or because you’re a second year teacher who knows you do, or because you’re a third or fourth year teacher who knows that although you don’t know it all, neither do – here it is anyway…

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France returns skull of New Caledonian chief

This post is reproduced in full from The History Blog here: France returns skull of New Caledonian chief.

After 135 years, the skull of High Chief Ataï from the Pacific archipelago of New Caledonia  1,442 more words

New Caledonia

Israel's Choice, Pt. 4 - The Warning

Before we move forward from the experience at Sinai, I need to make a couple more points about the blessings and curses. In William Miller’s Rule number 4, we are instructed to “bring all the scriptures together on the subject you wish to know.” If we want to understand the blessings and curses we must bring Leviticus 26 together with relevant passages in Deuteronomy, primarily chapters 28-29. 1,528 more words


Feeding Bodies, Sustaining Souls

Many years younger, fairly well-traveled but still impressionable, I arrived in Berkeley during the 1970s: a relatively peaceful decade sandwiched between the tumultuous events of the University of California’s… 1,616 more words


Reagan kicks the "Vietnam Syndrome" in the balls... and it goes super well.

In the post-Vietnam era, America was experiencing an ambivalence about how they should conduct themselves on the global stage.

They had emerged from the Second World War with this sense of omnipotence; this confidence that America could achieve anything it set its mind to. 915 more words