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History & Politics Out Loud

Listen to famous historical and political speeches on History & Politics Out Loud. Find background information and famous speeches from presidents, civil rights leaders, and also Lou Gehrig’s famous speech. 57 more words

Language Learning

I is for Infallible, Inerrant, Impassible and Immutable

Note: all relevant ‘I’ words will be placed in italics.

It is an unfortunate quirk in the English language that leads negatives – or negations – to begin with the letter ‘I’. 1,143 more words


Plates, saucers, and more!

Today was spent working on the collection.  What does this exactly mean?  It is a mix between cleaning, cataloging, and researching.  Thunderbird Lodge, like most house museums, has a huge collection and again like most house museums, lacks the type of storage areas that a traditional history museum has.  340 more words


Laughing about Hitler

Is it ok to laugh about Hitler? This seems to be the one big question critics have been asking themselves about Timor Vermes’s Look Who’s Back… 421 more words


NYC - Farmhouse in West Village?

Bucolic Dreamhouse In Greenwich Village Will Probably Be Torn Down For Condos

That quaint little farmhouse on Charles Street in Greenwich Village doesn’t have its roots in the neighborhood, it was moved there from the Upper East Side in 1967… and now it may be evicted. 364 more words


Firestation texture

Later this week, the Firestation Engine Hall will get a new concrete floor, as the old one is of questionable quality, as well as having a slope down to the main doors for the horse drawn and, later, motorized fire engine. 99 more words


War All Over

A round-up of HISTORY programs commemorates WWI centennial

100 Years of World War I

DVD $14.98 (Lionsgate Home Entertainment)

The first “war of mass destruction,” harnessing new powers of weaponry, technology and telecommunications in ways that had never been done—or seen—before, left 15 million dead, 20 million injured and changed the world’s perception of battle forever. 47 more words

Neil Pond