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The History Behind the Scottish Independence Vote.

The long-awaited referendum on independence for Scotland is finally happening today as Scots vote yes or no to the question of whether they want their nation to become independent from the United Kingdom. 937 more words


24 January 2063: Dear Kwame from Nkosazana

They are dreamers my friends, just as I am one too and, as I always say, I shall continue to dream for  dreams turn into visions, visions become plans, plans can be turned into designs and designs can be implemented and spring forth the change I want to see.  2,375 more words


Mind of a teenager Tuesday: On the Run!

            “I don’t care if we on the run

Baby as long as I’m next to you”

Are they really on the rocks? It seem like every entertainment news is saying Beyonce and Jay Z are headed to divorce after their tour.

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Let's Hope No WW3

A break from the Indy war of words (Scottish Independence with the vote on 18th September 14) and may be a lot more important for all our greater good. 111 more words