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If you’re thinking, “Hey, Haarlem … that sounds a lot like Harlem in New York City,” then you get an A+ for the day. Haarlem is a city in North Holland, but is also very similar in name to Harlem in New York. 1,233 more words


Free-Write (Some Number): Halloween

Hey guys! Today I decided to do a quick free-write about our upcoming Halloween holiday. It’s so frustrating to children that they don’t get the day off of school, and parents dread having to deal with over-indulgent children bouncing off the walls until 3 A.M. 355 more words


Light weight Cup hopes

Hello everyone

No three-year-old has won the Melbourne Cup since Skipton in 1941. This Cup was run and won a month before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour and as such, racing was not exactly at the top of people’s thoughts. 605 more words

History Lesson

Let's Get Halloweird!

Guys, I love Halloween.

I mean, I really love Halloween! What’s not to adore after all? It is a day designed for you to dress up as someone (or something) else and gorge yourself on candy. 486 more words

And the bridge came tumbling down part 2

I mentioned in my post about Mostar, that we listened to stories of war. Miran, owner of Hostel Miran in Mostar, was a teenager when the conflict begun. 487 more words


The end of Yugoslavia part 1

Before I begin telling you about the next part of my trip we need to have a bit of a history lesson I think. 

Prior to this trip, all I knew about Yugoslavia was the fact that there was once a country called Yugoslavia and now there isn’t. 473 more words


Sometimes it is better to lose

Hello everyone Sometimes it is better to get rolled in the Caulfield Cup rather than win it. This is in regards to winning the Melbourne Cup 17 days later. 428 more words

History Lesson