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Era of Elaboration

This was a period from the seventeenth and the eighteenth century in Europe and the word Baroque meant to refer as an obstacle or any involuted process of thought. 313 more words

History Of Fashion

An interview with designer Linde Carr

What does Designer fashion mean to you? Does it mean your “designer jeans” have a well-known brand name, or that Valentino himself actually designed them? Is a “designer handbag” simply an expensive one, or one that has its own muse?   839 more words

History Of Fashion

Coco Chanel: From Fashion Icon to Social Revolutionary

An interesting historical video shows how fashion has been in connecting with social revolution to bring the equality to women

I gave women a sense of freedom…

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Wedding Dress exhibition at the Victoria & Albert museum

I went to see this exhibition alone. I really took my time to study the exhibits, to savour them and read all the information supplied. Photographs and even sketching are banned. 1,328 more words

History Of Fashion

Knitwear: Chanel to Westwood exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum

Esme, Kit and I went to see the knitting exhibition at Bermondsey. We were rather disappointed. Compared to our marvellous free museums (like the V&A) paying £8.80 each meant this was an expensive treat. 602 more words

History Of Fashion

Dressing like a boy - menswear for women

One of the lovely things about being female in the modern world is that we can wear trousers all of the time if we want to. 573 more words

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Why I, too, fell in love with Wallis Simpson

According to Wallis Simpson

“A woman cannot be too rich or too thin.”

She talking about herself, of course. She aimed to become Queen (consort) of the United Kingdom, one of the richest women in the world.

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History Of Fashion