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How your clothes speak about what you stand for

Recently I wrote about wearing jeans for work, and had a day long Twitter conversation about the subject. Anyway, for those of you who don’t know, Housing Associations in the UK come from very humble, often radical, beginnings. 661 more words

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Being a Girl Guide - it's not all about the uniform!

I read that they have designed a new uniform for the Guides. These girls look sweet in their long sleeved Ts and red and blue hoodies. 1,045 more words

History Of Fashion

Vogue Paris Originals - planning my winter wardrobe

Winter is coming, as they say on Game of Thrones. I am going to need some warmer clothes, and warmer clothes are what I most enjoy sewing. 420 more words


A very personal view on OVERDRESSED: The Shockingly High Costs of Cheap Fashion

“Do I get a coffee? A Snack? Or something to wear?” this question Elizabeth L. Cline quotes from a Vogue article in the first chapter of her amazing book… 795 more words


The Magdalenian culture

The Magdalenian culture of the upper Palaeolithic Europe has been known for its tool making and artistic traditions. The Magdalenians lived some 11,000 to 17,000 years ago. 244 more words

History Of Fashion

Designing for YSL: Willy van Rooy An Inspirational Career.

Lou Lou, Willy, and Yves. 1980.

Willy van Rooy has lived a life of travel, art, love, design, and is the face of one of the most popular fashion mannequins ever made. 3,970 more words

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African fashions at Notting Hill

Very few staff at Notting Hill wear anything other than modern contemporary clothes for their work. We don’t have uniforms or a dress code. But when it comes to dressing up for parties our teams really like to push the boat out. 708 more words