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Gibson & Karim, "Women of the Nation"

This month, New York University Press releases “Women of the Nation: Between Black Protest and Sunni Islam” by Dawn-Marie Gibson (Royal Holloway, University of London) and Jamillah Karim (international lecturer, formerly a professor at Spelman College). 210 more words

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Liu Xian (刘贤) on Chen Yuan and the modern transformation of the study of religion in China




[摘要]    陈垣被誉为中国宗教史研究的开拓者,其开拓意义不仅在于领域的拓荒,更在于研究态度和方法的现代性转变。陈垣宗教研究的现代性体现在对客观性的重视以及对信仰外宗教的平等与尊重。结合中西宗教学术史背景,可以发现陈垣代表着中国宗教研究三方面的现代转变:其一,视角上,从教内信徒宣教式的宗教研究转向兼具教外视野的、客观的、为学术而学术的宗教研究;其二,方法上,从护教性的“神学”式宗教研究转向描述性的“史学”式宗教研究;其三,态度上,从区分优劣差等的不平等的宗教研究转向平等的宗教研究。从宏观时代背景看,宗教学术研究的出现是传统中国学术从“通人之学”转向“分科治学”的产物,时代变局和中西学术竞争都影响了中国宗教研究的现代转变。当时宗教界特别是基督教界的宗教研究蔚为大观,陈垣就是其中的代表。

[关键词]    陈垣;宗教研究;宗教史研究;现代转变

[作者简介]    刘贤,中国人民大学清史研究所

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"Money as God?" (von Hagen & Welker, eds.)

Last month, Cambridge University Press released Money as God: The Monetization of the Market and its Impact on Religion, Politics, Law, and Ethics edited by Jürgen von Hagen (Universität Bonn) and Michael Welker (Universität Heidelberg). 144 more words

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Excommunicating Feminism in the Mormon Church

Nursing Clio is happy to have Amanda Hendrix-Komoto as a guest author today. Hendrix-Komoto  is a PhD candidate at the University of Michigan where her dissertation research focuses on how Mormon missionary work in the Pacific and Great Britain shaped the settlement of Utah. 1,650 more words


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kate kelly2 Amanda Hendrix-Komoto at Nursing Clio has posted a blog on the excommunication of Kate Kelly from the Mormon Church for asking it to consider the possibility of female ordination. Hendrix-Komoto explores the ramifications of Kelly's excommunication for the Mormon Church and places its action in historical context.

Conference: "The Making of Jerusalem" (Jerusalem, July 2-4)

The Armenian Apostolic Patriarchate of Jerusalem in hosting a conference, “The Making of Jerusalem: Constructed Spaces and Historic Communities,” from July 2 to July 4: 114 more words

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