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Haeckel and the legacy of early radiolarian taxonomists.

In the nineteenth century, the study of radiolarians was the domain of German scientists. These early German workers laid the foundation for all future work with this group of organisms, both living and fossil. 767 more words

Rutherford (and Cobb) on Rembrandt

by Matthew Cobb

UK readers might want to watch the third episode of Adam Rutherford’s new BBC TV series, The Beauty of Anatomy, which is on tonight, Wednesday 27th, at 20:30 on BBC4 (I’m afraid it clashes with the Great British Bakeoff if you’re into that). 219 more words


Galileo, Foscarini, The Catholic Church, and heliocentricity in 1615 Part 2 –the consequences: A Rough Guide.

In part one I outlined the clash, which took place between Galileo and Foscarini on the one side and the Catholic Church on the other in the second decade of the seventeenth-century. 1,938 more words

History Of Science

Life, War, Earth: An Interview

John Protevi’s new book creates a wonderfully stimulating dialogue between the work of Gilles Deleuze and some key works and concepts animating contemporary geophilosophy, cognitive science, and biology. 45 more words


Seismic Japan and When the Earth Roars: An Interview

In two recent books, Greg Smits offers a history of earthquakes and seismology in Japan that creates a wonderful dialogue between history and the sciences. They’re books for anyone with an interest in the history of disaster, of the context of Fukushima, and of modern Japan, and we talked about both of them here.


The Study of Nature as Devotional Practice

In the Winter issue of the Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Peter Harrison considers the “Sentiments of Devotion and Experimental Philosophy in Seventeenth-Century England… 453 more words

History Of Science

Organ Grinding and Copyright

This piece shows how street organs operated as the radio of their day, both as entertainment for the masses but also as an aid to selling music – at that time, this meant to either sheet music, or music rolls for mechanical pianos and organs. 337 more words

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