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Feeling crabby

Happy birth-month to me!

My birthday was last week, and, as per usual, I was out of sorts.

I’ve never really enjoyed my birthday, to be honest. 555 more words

Collecting bodies: the early history of physical anthropology (great resources)

Researching for my project on the early history of the Romanian (physical) anthropology, I’ve come across several captivating projects and researchers. Beyond a historiographical interest, such resources are truly entertaining and they reveal the mind and material universe of our early colleagues. 374 more words

Writing Science

weathering the wheather

about 340 b.c.



ancient greek scientist and philosopher aristotle  write meterological which set out his observation about rains,snow.and other weather event .the word metrology, which means “the science of wheather forecasting ” comes from greek word meteoros, which mean “high in the sky  “.


Book 147: Einstein's Cosmos by Michio Kaku

Einstein’s Cosmos by Michio Kaku

Finished reading on July 21st, 2014

Rating: 9/10

Kaku’s “Einstein’s Cosmos” fits Albert Einstein’s life and work into less than 200 pages of highly readable story that gives insight into Special and General Relativity and also his try to find a Unified Field Theory without going into too much detail about the physics nor about Einstein’s private life… although you can read about Einstein not wearing socks. 102 more words

Book Review

History of Medicine Doctoral Studentship, University of Exeter

This sounds like a really fantastic opportunity for those thinking of studying for a PhD in the exciting, rapidly growing field of medical humanities. I can’t recommend the University of Exeter highly enough and the chance to spend some time at Hong Kong University sounds fantastic. 
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Victorian Studies

Replay: "All the evidence we have says that the universe had a beginning"

Traffic’s up after the announcement of the publication of our Astronomy and Astrophysics curriculum, so we’re replaying some of our more important posts from the archives for our new readers. 938 more words


Observing by Hand: An Interview

In Omar Nasim’s new book, a series of fascinating characters sketch, paint, and etch their way toward a mapping of the cosmos and the human mind.  53 more words