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Vinyl LPs and Slow Food

The LP record — forty-five minutes of analog recording on a twelve-inch, two-sided, black vinyl disc — was declared dead in 1993, soon after the CD hit the market. 639 more words

Dead Technology

The machine in the ...shop.

Bringing machines into the nineteenth century shop made sense. Critical mass, particularly in the cities, meant that craftsmen had to meet demand and maintain a competitive edge. 462 more words

Technology & Deafness

What can the history of technology tell us about the lived experiences and cultural history of the hearing impaired?

During the nineteenth century, acoustic aids became ubiquitous objects, varying in design, form, and amplification. 948 more words


Ubiquitous Clocks and Vanishing Watches

As I write these words, I’m not wearing a watch.

That’s hardly remarkable: I wear a watch less and less often these days. Most people of my generation seem to wear them even less than I do, and younger generations seem to wear them rarely, if ever. 361 more words

Dead Technology

The Brain Child of Mariano Luigi Patrizi

If the project of medical science may be described as the exploration of the human body, then surely its final, vastest, most mysterious frontier is the brain. 641 more words

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International committee for the history of technology international committee for the history of technology icohtec was founded. In paris when bitterness divided the nations in the eastern and western worlds history of educational technology slide may recommended related more history of educational technology ppt views history of educational technology views history of education history. 366 more words